Getting started....

Our website uses the concept of 'groups' to represent committees and interest groups within the community. Content is 'posted' into a group by those with permission to do so, thereby avoiding any one person being responsible for updating the whole site.
Please contact (Leo White) if you have a suggestion for a new group.

Currently all group content is 'public' - i.e everything published on this site is visible to anyone on the internet. Apply common sense and caution before saying something you may later regret.

If you want to contribute comment or feedback on a particular post you need to register as a user first. Once you have done this you will see a comment form below some posts. Note : Display of your first comment may be delayed while we check you are a resident or have a valid connection to the village. After that all future comments you write should appear immediately.

Once you are registered and logged in you will notice small 'follow' buttons at the top right of each group, post and user profile. 'Following' may seem a little abstract initially, but is really very simple. If you follow a group you will receive an email when any new content is posted in that group. You can alternatively just follow a single post but you will only be alerted to comments in relation to that post.

To alter these notifcations go to 'settings' in the top right corner of any page once logged in.  


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