Bledington Parish Council Minutes, September 2018

Minutes of the meeting on 3rd September, 2018 at 8pm in the Village Hall.

Attending Councillors: Mr M Newton (Vice-Chair), Mr B Ball, Mr N Jackson, Mr S Tyack, Mr A Tait and County Councillor N. Moor.
Meeting opened at 8pm.

1. Apologies received from Mr R Pearson, Mrs R Pawley and District Councillor J Beale.
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr Jackson and seconded by Mr Tyack that the minutes of the meeting of 2nd July, 2018 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr Newton.
3. Declaration of interests: There was no declaration of interests in the Agenda by the Councillors.
4. Matters Arising:
4.1 ICO – The Councillors agreed for the Clerk to Register with the Information Commission
Officer although it is not compulsory. This was proposed by Mr Tait and seconded by Mr Ball.
4.2 GAPTC meeting – Mr Newton reported that the meeting with Ms Anita Sachs had been helpful and had cleared up some misunderstandings from the Audit which was overall a success. She also gave advice on costing the Assets of the Council and Mr Jackson will update the Asset Register when needed to in future. Ms Sachs also reminded the Council to carry out a quarterly check of the Clerks accounts and it was agreed that this would be carried out by Mr Jackson.
4.3 New website for Bledington – Mr Ball advised that he had been working on a layout for the website but there is still more work to be done and he will report back next month.
4.4 Gravel pit field – It was agreed that there has been no progress with clearing the field as promised and the council will terminate the contract later this month and a letter to be sent to the person in question.
4.5 Fencing in the play area – It was agreed to leave the fencing until the winter months and Mr Newton will speak to Mr Pearson regarding quotes.
4.6 Cemetery hedge and tree – Mr Newton explained that the Leylandii tree near to the Village hall will be taken down this coming week and after looking at the quotes for the cutting back of the Cemetery hedge it was agreed to give the work to Treetech. This was proposed by Mr Tyack and seconded by Mr Ball.
4.7 To discuss purchasing a computer for the Clerk – as advised by GAPTC – Mr Newton explained that GAPTC had insisted on this but after discussion it was agreed that all Parish Council documents could in future be stored in a ‘Cloud’ on the Clerks’ own computer and this would keep the documents safe from any unauthorised access and viruses. Mr Ball and Mr Jackson will look into how this can be achieved.
4.8 Defibrillator training – Mr Newton reported that a training session has been advertised in the village for 18th September and Mrs Angela Dickson, a resident in the village has volunteered to do the training and the Council were very appreciative of this. Mr Newton also explained that concerns had been raised that the students who caught the School Bus near the Phone Kiosk may interfere with the defibrillator. Mr Ball volunteered to speak with them to explain the use and importance of the defibrillator and the reasons why it should not be interfered with.
4.9 Cotswold Champion Award – Mr Newton said this had been advertised in the Bledington newsletter and the notice boards and was not something that the Council would be able to be involved in.
4.10 Play area report – This was discussed and it was agreed to look at the report in more depth at the next meeting. The Clerk will make a spreadsheet which can be updated with any comments each month once a check is made at the play area by Mr Ball and Mr Woodward who carried out this task previously.
4.11 Little Lane – Mr Newton reported that he had spoken to Mr Pearson in regard to this and was told that work will begin later this month to take the hedge back away from the lane and be made lower. Permission will have to be received from CDC to remove the dead tree but hopefully this can be achieved over the next few weeks and the tree removed.

5. Report from County Councillor
Councillor Moor reported that there were quite a few road closures affecting Bledington which were beginning in September, the first being in Bledington from 24th to 28th September on Church Road where they are installing curb sets, renewing the drains and carriageway patching. He advised that £8,000 had been allocated for minor works in the village part of which will go towards the repair of the bridge. He advised also that from 17th to 26th September the road from the top of Sheep Street past the Unicorn building to the right and along to where the road goes back into the town would be closed due to a foul drain being installed in a house which is being built adjacent to the building and will mean a total closure of the road. He advised that because of the closure of the road the Council are to take advantage of the situation and begin re-surfacing. Councillor Moor reported that the weight restriction on Digbeth Street at Stow has now been confirmed and that a consultation on a comparable weight restriction in Sheep Street at Stow would also help to reduce heavy vehicles coming through our area.

6. Planning
6.1 18/02972/AGFO Bledington Grounds – This was for interest only.
6.2 18/03148/TCONR Yew tree on Burford Road – This was for interest only.

7. Accounts for payment to be approved.
It was proposed by Mr N Jackson and seconded by Mr B Ball that the following payments should be made:
Paul Jones Grass cutting £380.00 (already paid out of the meeting)
Paul Jones Grass cutting £810.00
M Newton Screwfix £ 17.29
C Allen Printer Cartridges £ 39.99
Play Safety Annual Inspection £159.60

8. Review of Finances
It was agreed to carry out the review and a bank reconciliation at the next meeting.

9. Correspondence
9.1 Email from Cotswold Mobility – error implying enforcement on land – Mr Newton said that Mr Pearson had apologised earlier to Mr Prentice of Cotswold Mobility but said that he also wished to apologise on behalf of the Council for the confusion in this matter whereby the wrong information was given to us.
9.2 Letter from resident regarding hedge cutting in Main Street. - Mr Newton explained that Mr Pearson had already spoken to the resident earlier and a letter will now be sent to him to confirm the matter.
9.3 Email from resident – electric supply to defibrillator – An email was received to say that the electrical supply was not working on the defibrillator. Mr Newton reported that this matter has now been resolved.
9.4 Letter from resident – moving of the recent church sign. - A letter was received from a resident living near the church to ask for the warning sign to be re-located to just inside the churchyard where it could be seen on entering. He said that he found the sign to be quite striking and it was not in keeping with the surrounding area. It was agreed by all to arrange for the signs to be moved and a letter will be sent to the resident advising of this.
9.5 Resident – removal of dead tree in Middle Orchard – Mr Newton explained that Mr Pearson had tried but had not been able to obtain the telephone number of the owner of the land to ask for the dead tree to be removed. Mr Tyack is to contact the land owners’ son for contact details and will report back at the next meeting.

9.6 Lengthsman Notice – An email was received from Rhodri Grey (The Highways Manager) informing the Council of the Lengthsman visit to the area on week commencing 17th September and to invite them to suggest certain work tasks for inclusion on their list. After discussion it was agreed for the Clerk to contact Mr Grey and to ask for Little Lane to be cleared and swept, the trees on Church Lane to be trimmed and for the hedgerow on Burford Road around the gravel pit to be trimmed and lastly, the hedge on Station Road which is overhanging the pavement to be cut back.
9.7 Cotswold District local plan – Mr Newton explained that this was now online for the public to see.

10. Adjournment for questions from the public – no questions.

11. Any other business – no other business.

12. Next Meeting - Monday, 1st October, 2018

The meeting closed at 9.28pm

Signed …………………………………………………………….. Date …………………………………………………….

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