Parish Council Agenda, April 2017

Minutes of the meeting on 3rd April 2017 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall
Attending: Councillor Mr. R Pearson (Chairman) and Mr. M Newton (Vice-Chair), Mr. B Ball, Mr. A Tait, Mr. N Jackson Mrs. R Pawley, Mrs. A Newton (Clerk).
Apologies for Absence: Mr. S Tyack,
Public:  2 including District Councillor J Beale
Meeting opened at 8.00 pm
1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr. A Tait and seconded by Mrs R Pawley that the minutes of the meeting on 6th February 2017 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr. R Pearson (Chair).

2. Matters Arising:
Broken stepping stone on the Green –  Mr Pearson and Mr Newton will carry out this work when time and weather allow.
Dog Bin on the Green -  The new position appears to be working well.
No Parking signs on the Village Green –   Mr W Pearson is currently painting the metal backings for the signs, these will be positioned on the village green in the near future.
 “No Through Road” sign at the beginning of Chapel Lane. – Mr A Tait reported that a the old sign has now been replaced.
Drainage ditch in Church Road -  TT services will carry out this work when the weather improves.
Gullies -  As reported at the last meeting these drains are to be replaced, no further progress at present.
L. Kitchingham bequest -  Mr Pearson has not yet spoken to the executers but will do so. –  This was very well attended and everyone is looking forward to the results in June.
Tree works –  The main tree works have been carried out and the Clerk awaits the invoice from Mr Notman. The pollarding of the weeping willow, due to the time taken for applying for and gaining permission for this work to be carried out, this will now be carried out in the autumn, once the leaves have fallen.
Working Party –  This was very well attended with about 15 people volunteering, consequently the litter pick could extend to the parish boundaries in all directions. 16 bags of litter were collected together with a large amount of sundry rubbish too large to be bagged up. The Parish Council extends its gratitude to all who attended, and to the Kings Head for again sponsoring the event.
Broken “Church Street” sign –  Mr Newton reported that CDC had informed him that a new sign has been ordered.

3. Accounts for Payment:
It was proposed by Mr B Ball and seconded by Mr N Jackson that the following payments should be made
GAPTC  Subs  £127.28
A Newton wages  £564.39
P Jones   Grasscutting £380.00

4. Correspondence:
A letter was received from J & C Mash apologising for the leakage of clay slurry into the brook, an independent environmental report has been obtained which shows that this leakage is non-toxic and poses no threat to residents or the environment. We are also made aware that the Environment Agency has been kept fully informed throughout. The Parish Councils thanks are extended to Mr and Mrs Mash for their proactive actions.
An email was received from Mr P Hoare stating that he will arrange the necessary repairs to the grass verges left by the work to Manor Farm. The Chair will arrange a meeting with him when the work is finished to agree what work needs to be carried out.
The paperwork from Grant Thornton for the 2016/17 audit was received and the Clerk will complete this and bring it to the next meeting for approval. Mr Pearson will ask Mr Barry Way if he would be willing to carry out the local audit.
5. Planning:
An application Number 17/00840/FUL for installation of a new oil tank in the front courtyard at New Oak Barn the Green Bledington. This was discussed and as there were no objections an appropriate comment will be recorded.
The Parish Council have been informed by Churchill PC about an application from Cotswold Carriers to open a “Haulage Distribution Park” opposite Kingham Station. They have applied for seven HGV vehicles plus four with trailers, the original approved planning application said only one occasional vehicle. It was felt that the Parish Council should object to the granting of this licence on the grounds that this is far in excess of the original application and of the unsuitability of the local roads for this increased amount of HGV traffic. The Clerk will write to the traffic Commissioner to object to the Goods Vehicle Operators Licence.

6. Adjournment for questions from the public:
Following a question from a member of the public, Mr Newton reported that he had now been asked to apply for the electricity supply to remain in the phone box in order that the defibrillator can be fitted there. Once this is achieved a second defibrillator will be acquired, District Councillor Julian Beale stated that there may be a £500 grant available from the District Council for this purpose, Mr Newton will pursue this.
DC Julian Beale asked if any difficulties had been experienced with the Planning web site, the clerk replied that since the site has been upgraded it is far less user friendly and that she is no longer informed of planning decisions, she explained all the difficulties experienced which Councillor Beale will feed back to the planning authority.
Councillor Beale informed the meeting that the planning application for the stables in Middle Orchard had been refused and the Enforcement Order has now been served.
Councillor Beale informed the meeting that a small grant will be available for Parishes to celebrate the anniversary of the end of the WWI, this will be for use on celebratory projects.

7. Any Other Business:
Mrs Pawley reported that the footpath from Foscot to Foxholes is currently closed for drainage works, she has spoken to the Wardens who informed her that they hope to have it re-opened by the end of May. Concern was also raised about the footpath on the far side of the cemetery which has become very wet and boggy, Mrs Pawley explained that this was due to contractors digging to locate a water pipe. Mr Pearson will raise the matter when he speaks to Mr Hoare.
Mr Pearson reminded the meeting that next month will be the annual meeting, the usual organisations will be invited to attend and present a report. Once again, a glass of wine will be offered to all attendees. The provisional date will be Thursday 11th May at 8pm in the village hall, Mr Ball will prepare a poster.

Meeting closed at 8.50 pm.
Date and time of next meeting: 11th May 2017 at 7.30 pm.