Parish Council May Minutes 2018

Bledington Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting on 3rd May, 2018 at 7pm in the Village Hall.

Attending: Councillors Mr R Pearson (Chair), Mr M Newton (Vice-Chair), Mrs R Pawley, Mr S Tyack, Mr A Tait, District Councillor J Beale and County Councillor N Moor
Apologies for Absence: Mr B Ball, Mr N Jackson, Public:1
Meeting opened at 7.05 pm.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr A Tait and seconded by Mr M Newton that the minutes of the meeting of 9th April, 2018 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr R Pearson (Chair).

2. Election of Officers:
Mr R Pearson said as there were no other nominations he would be happy to continue in the in the role as Chairman to the Parish Council and Mr M Newton said that he would be willing to continue as Vice Chairman. The Councillors were in overall agreement of this.

3. Matters Arising:
Notice Boards – Mr R Pearson advised that Mr L Harris had offered to do some painting in the village and will contact him to see if he will be willing to paint the notice boards.
Kissing Gate - An email has been received from a member of the village explaining that the kissing gate is still not in place and it is now a year since the problem occurred. The Councillors agreed that this was not acceptable and Mr Pearson will speak to Mr P Thompson and the County Council Rights of Way Department to try to resolve the matter.
Play Equipment – Mr M Newton reported that this was still ongoing.
Training for Weed Spraying – Mr R Pearson explained that he had carried out the first part of his training. It was agreed unanimously that the brook should be cleaned out on 19th May before the Village Fete.
Cremation Stone – Mr Pearson reported that the relatives of the late Gabe Winlaw have bought a burial plot for the interment of the ashes and therefore will be able to erect a gravestone.
Second Defibrillator – Mr Newton reported the phone box has been cleaned and was ready for the defibrillator to be fitted which he hoped to do this coming week. Mr Tait suggested that A D Glass be approached to fit new toughened glass windows in return for a small sign advertising Shield Woodwork and A D Glass as the Perspex glass is becoming opaque. Mr Tyack will speak to Shield Woodwork and A D Glass.
Sewerage leaking behind New Road – The Clerk reported that Thames Water had contacted her to say they were going to investigate the matter over the next few weeks and would report back later in May..
Replacement Logs for Play Area- Mrs Pawley advised that Mr Mash had given his permission for the use of the logs. Mr Pearson will arrange for them to be transported.
Seat in the Bus Shelter- Mr Pearson said this was still ongoing.
Gravel Pit Field- Mr Pearson reported that a letter had been sent to Mr Tyack and that he would try to speak to him in the next week.

4. Accounts for Payment:
It was proposed by Mr S Tyack and seconded by Mr A Tait that the following payments should be made:
GAPTC £35.00Clerks Training Part 1
GAPTC £128.47Annual Subscription (Paid out of the meeting as needed to be paid before end of April).
The Community Heartbeat Trust (Solutions) Ltd.
£282.00Battery for Defibrillator.
P. Jones £380.00Grass cutting
A. Newton£188.13Wage for April

5. Correspondence:
An email was received from GAPTC advising that the government had tabled an amendment to the Data Protection bill for small Parish Councils to be exempt from needing to appoint a Data Protection Officer. It was carried unanimously that an email is sent to the local MP Sir Clifton Brown asking him for his support in the amendment to the bill.

6. Planning
The Old Post Office – Work to Leyland Cypress
Mr Newton advised that we had received permission from CDC to remove the tree. Mr Pearson said that he would contact various local firms to quote for the work to be done later in the year once the birds have finished nesting.
The Old Post Office – Oak Framed Summer House
The Councillors had no objections to the garden extension and Mrs Pawley will speak to the immediate neighbours to see if they have any objections.

7. Cemetery hedge and tree
The Councillors were in agreement of taking out the tree and Mr Pearson will try to find out whose grave it is before the work is carried out. It was carried unanimously that the hedge will be cut later in the year once the birds have finished nesting and can be discussed at the July meeting and obtain quotes.

8. Fencing in play area
Mr Pearson asked the Councillors to advise him of any fencing companies that could be recommended and he will ask for quotes.

9. Adjournment for questions from the public:
District Councillor Mr Beale advised that action is currently being taken with regards to the light pollution at Nether Westcote and Lower Farm, Icomb. He also said that the Girl Guides could apply again for the Youth Activity Fund that they received last year and for any other groups that may benefit. Mrs Pawley will remind the Girl Guides again to apply. Mr Beale explained that there is a Community fund being set up for outstanding achievements to the Community which could be either an individual or a small team with a cash prize of £1000. A form will be sent to the Council for nominations later in the year.
10. Any other business.
Mr Newton explained that the Audit for Bledington Parish Council would be submitted next week and everything was up to date as far as possible.
Mr Pearson asked County Councillor Mr Moor if he would be able to contact Rhodri Grey the new Highways Manager as the bridge on the green is in need some attention. Mr Moor said that he would speak to him and added that Mr Grey had earlier expressed an interest in meeting with the Council to have a walk around the village to discuss other matters.
Mr Pearson advised that he had been asked if anything could be done about the mud around the Church gate. He said we could perhaps some bark could be put down as a temporary measure. Mr Tait suggested that when the church paths are repaired some of the gravel from the path could be used.
Mr Pearson said that yet another resident had complained about the state of the paths in which Gigaclear have left after doing the work. County Councillor Mr Moor said the Council should speak to Joe French who is the Business Director regarding the complaints and will email his contact details to the Clerk.
Mrs Pawley reported that she went to the Big Feastival meeting and there was very little that would change from the previous Feastival. She added that the Committee are planning on giving a donation again to Bledington and it was agreed that this can be discussed in the September meeting as to how this can be put to use.
Mrs Pawley expressed concern regarding the Cotswold Carriers site which is situated at the edge of Bledington. She explained that there is currently no sign of any screening of trees as was shown on the planning application and the site is quite open to the road with the lorries on show. Mr Pearson will speak to Cotwold Carriers.
Meeting closed at 7.55 pm
Date and Time of next meeting: 4th June, 2018 8pm

Signed ………………………… .(Chairman) Date : ……………………

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