Parish Council Minutes April 2016

~~Minutes of the meeting on 4th April 2016 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall

Councilors Mr. R Pearson (Chair), Mr. M Newton (Vice-Chair) Mrs. R Pawley, Mr. B Ball, Mr. A Tait. Mr. S Tyack, Mr. N Jackson together with Mrs. A. Newton (Clerk)
Apologies for Absence: 0
Public: 1 member of the public Councilor J Beale
Meeting opened at 8.00 pm

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr. A Tait and seconded by Mrs. R Pawley that the minutes of the meeting of 7th March 2016 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr. M Newton (Vice Chair)

2. Matters Arising:
Allotments – Mr. Pearson has still not been able to speak to Mr. Jarvis reference the allotments but will do so before the next meeting.
Damage to the Green – Has now been repaired by Mr. Jones the Councils thanks are extended to him for this work.
The Litter Bin outside the Village Hall – Mr. Newton has made enquiries with Cotswold District Council and this bin is the property of the Parish Council and as such our responsibility to replace. This will be at a cost of £210 plus VAT. Mr. Newton enquired of District Councilor Beale if this could be funded from his budget he replied that he was able to do this and he would order a replacement on our behalf. The Parish Council extends their thanks for this.
Village Hall Bench – Mr. Tyack reported that the current bench is in the process of being repaired, Mr. Pearson pointed out that the Parish Council may, in the future, be in receipt of a bequest which is to be used for a new bench and this could be used to replace the bench in question.
Middle Orchard Flats – Mr. A Tait reported that Mr. Windsor had written to the Guinness Partnership outlining his concerns and stating that the Parish Council had also registered their concern to him and it was felt that the Parish Council should also write to express their deep concerns over this situation. The Clerk will deal with this.
Tree planted in the Verge in Old Burford Road -  Mr. Newton has twice contacted Mr. Skillern of Gloucestershire Highways who are still to ascertain the ownership of the land, until then no appropriate action can be taken.
Trees in Old Burford Road -  Mr. Tyack will carry out the necessary work as soon as time allows.
Parking outside the Old Bakehouse –Mr. Newton has spoken with Gloucestershire Highways who will paint a white line around this corner to hopefully discourage parking, although this will not be enforceable. Mr. Ball has also spoken with Mr. A. Orr-Ewing of the Kings Head who has agreed to try to discourage his customers from parking there.

The Chair invited District Councilor Julian Beale to address the Council. Councilor Beale began with the proposal for the Unitary Authority, he stressed that at this time this idea is simply a starting point for detailed discussion and no decision will be made for some considerable time. The Environmental fund from Cotswold District Council will be carried forward into the new financial year and Parish Councils are encouraged to think of ways in which they can use this service, which is generally in the form of a labour force which can be used for such tasks as clearing ditches, hedgerow tidying etc. He reminded everyone that the Police and Crime Commissioner elections are due in May and anything the Parish Council can do to encourage people to cast their vote will be most welcome.

3. School Safety zone;
An e-mail was received from Gloucestershire Highways stating that following their traffic study they were prepared to install a “School Safety Zone” in the village. This is something that the Parish Council have been trying to organize for some years and will consist of new road markings and new signage including solar powered 20mph signs which will be activated during the morning and afternoon school arrival and leaving times. Due to the short time given for the Parish Council to agree this proposal it had been discussed and agreed out of meeting. Part of the funding for this project will come from County Councillor Nigel Moore’s “Highways Local Fund” with the remainder coming from Gloucestershire Highways. The Parish have been asked if they could contribute, a move which would both speed and secure the project. This was discussed and it was decided that the Parish council would contribute £500 and that an approach would be made to Bledington School to see if they would be prepared to contribute also. The Clerk will write to the School and inform Gloucestershire Highways of the outcome.

4. Accounts for Payment:
It was proposed by Mr. N Jackson and seconded by Mr. A Tait that the following payments should be made:
Mr. P Jones  grass cutting  £75.00
GAPTC  Subs   £122.92
Mrs. A Newton            Clerks wages  £564.39
Village Hall  Rent              £60.00

5. Correspondence:
Permission was sought by the St Leonard’s PCC to use the Village Green for the Bledington Village Fete on the 11h June and this was agreed The Parish Council are satisfied with the traffic management plans which the PCC propose.
An email was received from Mrs. K Pare saying that SSE would be laying power cables underground from the A424 through the villages of Idbury, Bould & Foscot proceeding along the B4450 to the transformer at Kingham Station. The Parish Council is concerned that the two bridges within the Gloucestershire section of these works would not be able to support such works. An e-mail will be sent to James Wright (WODC) outlining our concerns and asking for more information with a copy to Bob Skillern (GH).
The Big Feastival will again be held on the weekend of 26th – 28th August. A public meeting is to be held at Kingham British Legion on Tuesday 19th April from 6-8pm, Mrs. Pawley will attend for the Parish Council and communicate our usual concerns.
An email from Mrs. J Beacham was received asking for a date for the Annual meeting in order that a booking could be made for the hire of the Village Hall, it was decided that this would be on Wednesday 4th May, 7pm for the monthly meeting and 8pm for the annual meeting.
Kingham Station Parking. A consultation has been received from WODC the details are the same as previously discussed. Any comments or objections need to be made by Friday 8th April.
6. Planning:
Location: Home Farm
Application no 16/00670/LBC and 16/00669/LBC. Mr. B Ball has made enquiries about this application and described the proposals to the Council. the Council have no adverse comments on these applications and the Clerk will reply as such to the Planning Authority.
7. Adjournment for questions from the Public:
There were none

8. Any other Business:
Mr. N Jackson suggested that the Environmental fund previously described by Councillor Beale could be used to cut back the overgrown turf on the footpaths in Stow Road and Station Road. This fund can be used to provide labour from Ubico, two operatives for two days. The Clerk will e-mail Julian Beale with this request.
Mr. Jackson also reported that the faster Broadband will be available from April 7th, Mr. Jackson will put an article in the next Bledington News.
Mr. Jackson suggested that in order to attract more people to the Annual meeting refreshments could be offered to all attending. This was agreed and a glass of wine will be offered, Mr. Jackson offered to supply the wine and Mr. Ball will prepare a poster.
Mr. S Tyack reported that a resident had tripped over in Main Street, a small square of concrete sits proud of the pavement. Mr. Pearson will speak to Bob Skillern.
Mr. Tyack also reported that he had received a complaint of overhanging trees in Old Forge Close, these trees are the responsibility of the householders and as such this is a civil matter and not a Parish Council responsibility.
Mr. Pearson has been approached by the new owners of Banks Farm who would like to present their proposals for the farm buildings to the Parish Council prior to the formal planning application. A date was arranged for Wednesday 6th April at 7.00pm at Banks Farmhouse.
Meeting closed at 9.10