Parish Council Minutes February 2017

~~Minutes of the meeting on 6th February 2017 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall
Attending: Councillor’s Mr. R Pearson (Chairman) Mr. M Newton (Vice-Chair), Mr. N Jackson, Mr. A Tait, Mr. S Tyack, Mrs. R Pawley and Mrs. A Newton (Clerk).
Apologies for Absence: Mr. B Ball
Public:  8
Meeting opened at 8.00 pm
1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr. A Tait seconded by Mr. S Tyack that the minutes of the meeting of 9th January 2017 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr. R Pearson (Chair).
2. Matters Arising:

Broken stepping stone on the Green –  Mr Pearson and Mr Newton will carry out this work when time and weather allow.
Dog Bin on the Green -  Mr Tyack will carry out this work as soon as practicable.
No Parking signs on the Village Green –   Mr. Newton has ordered the signs and Mr W. Pearson is manufacturing metal backing for the 9 signs required (6 for use and 3 as spares).
 “No Through Road” sign at the beginning of Chapel Lane. -  Mr. Pearson will speak to Mr. Skillern again on this matter.
Noticeboard at the top of Old Forge Close –  Mr Newton has repaired the noticeboard, the Parish Councils thanks are extended to him for this.
Drainage ditch in Church Road -  TT services will carry out this work when the weather improves, the contractors are concerned that they will cause damage to the verges because they are so wet.
Gullies -  Mr Pearson has passed on the details of the landowner to the Highways department, there seems to be a worrying lack of communication between Highways and their contractors. Mr Pearson will ask Mr Skillern for an update and clarification.
The late Mr L. Kitchingman –  Mr Pearson has met with the executors and they have decided a position on the Village Green on the Village Farm side facing the Stow Road. The seat is to be purchased from “Broxap Ltd” and is the Cast Iron “Rotherham” seat, 2.4m in length in green with treated hardwood slats, at an approximate cost of £1134.00 + VAT. After the cost of installation this will leave some money over within the bequest which the family have requested the Parish Council donate to a charity of their choice. Councillors were asked to consider this and it will be discussed as an agenda item at the March meeting.
Planning –  The application for a new dwelling in New Road has been passed despite the overwhelming opposition from both the Parish Council and many residents.
The application for a change to the permitted plans for Pebbly Hill Farm, which the Parish Council objected too, is likely to be passed. District Councillor Julian Beale is unwilling to take this to the planning committee as there is no reason within the planning guidelines to refuse this application.
Dog Bins –  The bins have been emptied but it appears that the fortnightly collection is not sufficient. Mr Newton will speak to CDC waste department to seek a solution.
Middle Orchard Stables –  The waste heap was cleared but has already been replaced with further waste from the stables. As reported last month the Parish Council has no powers in this area and concerned residents should contact the Environmental Health Dept.
3.  Ancestry DNA Presentation
Mr Newton introduced Mr Nick Bain and his colleagues from the Genealogy company “Ancestry” who explained they are offering an exciting project to the village.
Ms. Bryony Partridge from Ancestry explained that they are inviting the residents of Bledington to take part in an amazing project to explore the diversity of the population of the village using cutting edge DNA technology.
They want to give the residents of Bledington the opportunity to be involved in an incredible undertaking whereby they plan to test the DNA of as many adult residents as possible to reveal the ethnic roots and diversity of the village. As a quintessentially British village, with a strong and active community, rich heritage and history, they feel that Bledington would make an ideal location for this project.
It’s a simple process that they hope will be an illuminating, collaborative project with the residents of the village.
AncestryDNA, part of “Ancestry” is a DNA testing service that uses advanced DNA science to predict your genetic ethnicity and help you find new family connections.
They are planning to give AncestryDNA tests to approximately 100 residents of Bledington to explore the village’s group heritage and ethnic diversity. In addition, those tested will also be provided with their own personal AncestryDNA results detailing their ethnicity and matching them to living persons who have also taken an AncestryDNA test and to whom they are biologically related. 
They will be filming the process with a view to making a short documentary film about the project and which they will use for PR and marketing purposes.
To take part residents will be invited to come down to one of their AncestryDNA days (Date and times to be confirmed) at Bledington village hall to collect their free AncestryDNA test (normally £79), receive details of their free Ancestry worldwide subscription, and provide a saliva sample.
Applicants must be 18 years or older to take part.
Following the presentation, the offer was discussed by Councillors and the residents in attendance, all present were enthusiastic and it was decided to proceed with the project. It was decided that the AncestryDNA team would provide all publicity material for distribution around the village, the Councillors will arrange for a village wide leaflet drop and Mr Bain will liaise with Mr Scott for inclusion in the Bledington News.
It is hoped that the testing will take place during March with the results revealed in late May.
Mr Newton will remain as the contact between the village and the AncestryDNA team.

4. Accounts for Payment:
It was proposed by Mr A Tait and seconded by Mrs R Pawley that the following payments should be made
GPF   Subs    £50.00
M Newton  signs and cartridges  £221.82

5. Correspondence:
6. Tree works
Following the receipt of the Tree Survey which was discussed at the January meeting, three quotes have been received for the works as detailed within that survey. As also discussed in January but not part of the survey, the large willow next to the Kings Head is the subject of separate quotes one of which is from Mr W Pearson. At this point the Chair declared an interest and left the meeting, Mr Newton then took the Chair of the meeting. The quotes for the main work were from Nicholson’s, Treetech and Chris Notman, these were discussed and it was decided to award the contract to Chris Notman. Quotes for the willow were received from Treetech, W Pearson and Chris Notman, again these were discussed and the contract for this work was awarded to Mr W Pearson.
Mr R Pearson returned to the meeting and took the Chair.

7. Working Party
A working party is required to carry out the annual village litter pick, it was decided that this would take place on Saturday 4th March at 11am. It was felt that the litter throughout the village was not too bad so we should concentrate more on the extremities of the Parish it may also be possible to join with Foscot and Idbury for our mutual benefit. Mr Newton will obtain the bags and stickers and some extra pickers.
8. Planning:
Retrospective permission: Stables and Hardcore, Middle Orchard, Church Lane, Bledington. Ref 17/00010/FUL.
Mr Pearson declared an interest and left the meeting, Mr Newton assumed the Chair.
Mr Ball in his absence, has left comments from neighbours which were read out, all objecting to this application. Two members of the public spoke to object to this application and their reasons for objection were noted. The Parish Council discussed the arguments and decided unanimously to object to this application on the following grounds: - Loss of protected open space, Violation of the S106 agreement, Loss of visual amenity for both residents and users of the Shop and Café, Safety of residents, shop users and applicant, Environmental Health issues from contaminated waste stored on site and from contaminated rainwater run-off, Size of paddock too small to support grazing for horses.

Mr Pearson returned to the meeting and resumed the Chair.

9. Adjournment for questions from the public:
Mrs K Pare from Foscot and Idbury Parish reported that following the Variation of licence meeting for the Big Feastavil, the original extension of area has been reduced. The additional land is for use as extra camping and parking. Music will be allowed until 1am but acoustic only from 11pm. The traffic management problems are not addressed in this application but should be discussed directly with the organisers who have agreed to attend a Parish Council meeting prior to this year’s event. Mr Pearson thanked Mrs Pare for attending to give this update.
A member of the public asked about cleaning of road signs, Mr Pearson replied that this was to have been part of the “Lengthmans” scheme but was not carried out due to time constraints, if enough people turn out for the working party in March this could be included.

10. Any Other Business:
Mr Jackson has spoken to both the Brownies and the Girl Guides regarding the “Fund for Youth Activities” which District Councillor Beale introduced at last month’s meeting. The Guide leader has prepared an application for funding which the Clerk will forward to Councillor Beale together with a covering letter expressing the Parish Council’s support.
Mr Newton said that the street sign at the bottom of Church Street is broken, he will contact the relevant person at Highways to report this.
Mr Newton also reported that he had spoken with Mr Paul Jones about the hedgerow along the NW boundary of the play area which needed reducing in height, Mr Jones is willing to quote for this work. Mr Pearson said that this hedge does not belong to the Parish Council and he will speak to the owner and liaise with Mr Jones.
The Clerk reported that she had asked “Pestakers” to attend to the moles on the Village Green and also asked them to check the Churchyard and Cemetery.

Meeting closed at 9.35 pm.
Date and time of next meeting: 6th March 2017 at 8.00 pm.