Parish Council Minutes January 2017

Minutes of the meeting on 9th January 2017 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall
Attending: Councillor Mr. R Pearson (Chairman) and Mr. M Newton (Vice-Chair), Mr. N Jackson, Mr. A Tait, Mr. S Tyack, Mrs. R Pawley, Mrs. A Newton (Clerk).
Apologies for Absence: Mr. B Ball
Public:  District Councillor Mr. J Beale
Meeting opened at 8.00 pm
1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr. A Tait seconded by Mr. N Jackson that the minutes of the meeting of 5th December 2016 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr. R Pearson (Chair).
2. Matters Arising:
Broken stepping stone on the Green –  Mr Pearson and Mr Newton will carry out this work when time and weather allow.
Dog Bin on the Green -  Mr Tyack will carry out this work as soon as practicable.
No Parking signs on the Village Green –  Mr. Pearson and Mr. Newton have this in hand as agreed at the last meeting.
 “No Through Road” sign at the beginning of Chapel Lane. -  Mr. Pearson will speak to Mr. Skillern again on this matter.
Noticeboard at the top of Old Forge Close –  Mr Newton has repaired the insert and will finish the work when time allows.
Drainage ditch in Church Road -  TT services will carry out this work in the near future Mr Tyack will remind them that this is still outstanding.
Gullies -  Mr Pearson has passed on the details of the landowner to the Highways department and will ask Mr Skillern for an update.
Defibrillator – Mr S Scott is making enquiries about available grants. Mr Newton has put the wheels in motion to adopt the phone box when it is decommissioned by B.T. this will then house the second defibrillator if it is decided to go ahead with this plan.    
Pebbly Hill – Following the last meeting Mr Pearson spoke with the neighbours affected by this application and it was decided that the Parish Council would object to this application on the grounds of overdevelopment of the site. District Councillor Julian Beale will ascertain whether this application is being referred to the Planning Committee.
Stables in Middle Orchard – District Councillor J Beale reported that an enforcement notice requiring the removal of the stables had been issued, however he is aware that a formal planning application is in the process of being lodged and once an application has been received the requirements of the enforcement notice are suspended until such time as a decision on the planning application is made.
3. Accounts for Payment:
It was proposed by Mr N Jackson and seconded by Mrs R Pawley that the following payments should be made
A Newton  Wages  £564.39
Nicholson’s  Tree report £510.00

4. Correspondence:
A letter was received from Kendall and Davies, solicitors dealing with the estate of the late Lionel Kitchingman, in which he provided a legacy for a bench to be placed on the Village Green. Mr R Pearson and Mr Newton will obtain various designs for the bench and Mr Pearson has met with the executors and together they have agreed a position on the Village Green where the bench will be placed, Mr Pearson will continue to liaise with the executors on this matter.
5. Precept:
An increase in the grass cutting budget has been requested by the contractor, this was discussed and a new figure of £380 per complete cut was proposed by Mr Newton seconded by Mr Tait and carried unanimously. Then considering this increase, it was decided that this year’s precept would be set at £11,000. The Clerk will fill out the necessary paperwork and apply on behalf of the Council to CDC.
6. Tree Report
The requested Tree Survey has been received from Nicholson’s, this had been previously circulated to all Councillors. The contents were considered and it was decided to obtain quotes for all the recommended works. Three quotes will be obtained from local tree surgeons (Nicholson’s, Chris Notman and B. Pearson), they will be asked to submit their tenders in time for the February meeting.
7. Planning:
Full application for demolition of existing barn and erection of holiday/ancillary accommodation 16/02420/FUL and 16/04672/FUL at Pebbly Hill Farm, Icomb Road, Bledington. Dealt with in “Matters Arising”
Full application for single storey rear extension, rear dormer window, replacement porch and conversion of garage16/04723/FUL at 1 the Paddocks, Church lane, Bledington. Date expired, dealt with out of meeting, no adverse comments.
Full application to widen existing access and create new track to farm yard 16/04377/FUL at Orchard Bank, Stowe road, Bledington. Date expired, dealt with out of meeting, no adverse comments.
Full application for erection of a two-storey, two-bedroom attached dwelling 16/04546/FUL at 7 New Road, Bledington, Chipping Norton, Gloucestershire. OX7 6UU. Due to the opposition of the Parish Council and residents this application has been referred to the full Planning Committee. District Councillor Julian Beale has agreed to attend this meeting and speak on behalf of the Parish Council.
8. Adjournment for questions from the public:
District Councillor Beale informed the Council that he had a fund for “Youth activities” Mr Jackson will speak with the Brownie and Guide leaders to see if this would be of interest to them.
9. Any Other Business:
Mrs Pawley commented that the re-development of “Micklands Hill” seemed rather large, Mr Pearson pointed out that this was as per the approved planning application and that this emphasised the difficulty of picturing a building from a plan.
Mr Tate reported that the dog bins around the village had not been emptied, he has reported the matter to CDC on several occasions, it is hoped that this will be resolved in the very near future.
Mr Tate also reported that he had received complaints about the stables in Middle Orchard which are becoming a health hazard, a pile of straw and manure has now appeared against the hedge near to the flats. As this is not a Parish matter Mr Tate will advise the residents to complain direct to the owner or to contact the Environmental Health department in the hope that they can take action.

Meeting closed at 9.15 pm.