Parish Council Minutes July 2016

~~Minutes of the meeting on 4th July 2016 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall

Councillors Mr. R Pearson (Chairman) Mr. M Newton (Vice-Chair) Mr. B Ball, Mr. A Tait, Mr. S Tyack, Mrs. R Pawley, Mr. N Jackson together with Mrs. A Newton (Clerk)
Apologies for Absence: 0
Public: County Councillor N Moor and District Councillor J Beale
Meeting opened at 8.00 pm.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr. M Newton seconded by Mr S Tyack that the minutes of the meeting of 6th June 2016 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr R Pearson (Chair)

2. Matters Arising:
Environmental Fund – District Councillor Beale said that due to delays with a previous application he is unable to progress the work for Bledington at this time, however this would appear to be a similar scheme to the Lengthsman Scheme being operated by the County Council which is an agenda item.
Bin outside the Village Hall – Mr. Pearson thanked District Councillor Beale for arranging the replacement of the litter bin outside the Village Hall.
Middle Orchard Stables – The Clerk reported that she had received a phone call from Mr. C Davis Enforcement Officer for Cotswold District Council Planning. He reported that both the owners and the tenant had been instructed by the Planning Authority to remove both the stables and the Hard Standing. Further action would be dependent upon the response from the owner and tenant. Following a question from District Councillor Beale the general history of this site was explained to him and he will discuss the matter with the Enforcement Officer and keep the Clerk updated with any progress.
Anti-Social Noise By-Laws – Mr. Newton has enquired about the existence of Anti-Social noise by-laws i.e. Grass mowing, hedge cutting etc. and it appears there are no Local Authority by laws covering these particular areas.  The Local Authority advice is that this would be a Civil matter, and neighbours are advised to discuss the matter and come to a mutually agreeable conclusion. Mr. Ball will feed this information back to the resident who originally raised this query. 

3. Parish Council Risk Assessment and Financial Regulations review:
The above documents were reviewed and the Council were satisfied that the risk assessment and financial regulations are up to date and fit for purpose. It was proposed by Mr. N Jackson and seconded by Mrs. R Pawley and carried unanimously. The next review will be in July 2017. 

4. Verges in Church Street:
An idea had been put forward for either posts or large stones placed on the verge outside the Church in Church Street to prevent the wheels of vehicles from damaging the newly repaired verge, however it was felt that this may be a problem for large vehicles such as refuse lorries etc. who would be unable to pass this pinch point. This was discussed at length and it was decided to insert a note in the Bledington News asking residents opposite the Church to park as close to their properties as possible to allow the passage of large vehicles and then to monitor the situation to see if any further action is required.

5. Lengthsman Scheme:
Councillor N Moor outlined the tasks that could be undertaken within the scheme and the following projects were identified within the village. Cutting back turf along the footpath in Station Road, replace the disturbed granite sets along verges particularly around the Village Green, fill any small holes in the road that are not within Gloucestershire Highways schedule, clean road sign faces and reflectors and check drainage gullies. Councillor N Moor will fill out the pro forma for this scheme and send a copy to the Clerk to enable the Parish Council to monitor the work.

6. Ducks Crossing Sign:
Mr. M Newton has made enquiries and to replace this sign in aluminium which would be similar to the previous sign is likely to cost in excess of £100, it was decided that an approach would be made to other interested parties who may wish to contribute to the cost. Mr. Ball has not yet contacted the local press but will do so in the near future. Mr. Newton has contacted the local police reference the possible theft and without further information or evidence they are unable to help. This subject will be carried forward to a future meeting.

7. Accounts for Payment:
It was proposed by Mr. B Ball and seconded by Mr. S Tyack that the following payments should be made:
A Newton  Wages  £564.39
P Jones  grass cutting  £680.00
A Mustoe  banks of brook £10100.00
P Jones  grass cutting  £370.00

8. Correspondence:
A letter from the Village Hall committee was received asking for permission to use the Village Green for Strawberry Teas on the afternoon of the 10th July, this was unanimously granted.

9. Planning:
Application no 16/02076LBC and 16/02077FUL Banks Farm, Bledington This was discussed and following consultation with neighboring property owners it was decided that there were no objections.
Application no 16/02420/FUL Pebbly Hill Farm Icomb Road, Bledington. This was discussed and following consultation with neighbouring property owners it was decided that the Council will object on the grounds of overdevelopment and the application is for a building significantly higher than the existing building.
10. Adjournment for questions from the Public:
Country Councillor N Moor reported that Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, in line with the rest of the Country, are rolling out a scheme whereby Firefighters are being trained as Co-Responders, Co-responders are firefighters trained in life support, who respond to medical incidents in addition to an ambulance, fire appliances are equipped with emergency de-defibrillators which enables them to deal with instances of Cardiac Arrest. He then introduced the Local Transport Plan which sets out the transportation strategy for the North Cotswolds, the finance for which has yet to be secured. With regard to the 802 bus service the under-use has been a concern and talks are going on regarding rescheduling and improved marketing.
District Councillor J Beale reminded the Parish Council that funds were still available within the Youth Activities Fund. Mrs R. Pawley volunteered to inform the Brownies and Girl Guides and Mr S. Tyack will inform Bledington School of this facility. Cllr Beale also reported that he had been approached about a possible planning issue regarding a change of use of a small plot of land from agricultural to domestic garden use. The Council are aware of this possible proposal and in the event of a formal application would have no objection.

11. Any Other Business:
Mr. N Jackson brought up the problem of the overgrown hedge in Little Lane, Mr. Pearson will once again speak with the land owner. He also asked that a working party be arranged to clear the remainder of the brook from weed and to clear the ditch in Church Street, this was discussed and it was decided to arrange the working party for Saturday 16th July at 11 am. He expressed concern about the low flow of the brook, this may be due to the fact that all the sluice gates at the Mill have been left fully open, Mr. Tyack will partially close the sluice gates to see if this improves the situation. It was also mentioned that a tree branch at the Mill may be obstructing the water wheel gate and needs to be removed, the Clerk will write to the owners requesting that this be dealt with.
Mr. Pearson would like to express the thanks of the Parish Council for the excellent skilful work carried out by Mr. A Mustoe on the stone work of the banks of the brook. He would also like to thank everyone who gave up their time to make the Village Fete a fantastic success. He also reported that residents had raised concern that the portion of the brook to the rear of Chapel Lane required clearing, the landowner has been informed and promised to deal with the matter, the Council will monitor this situation.
Meeting closed at 9.30 pm
Date and Time of Next Meeting:  5th September 2016 at 8.00pm

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