Parish Council Minutes July, 2018

Bledington Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting on 2nd July, 2018 at 8pm in the Village Hall.

Attending: Councillors: Mr M Newton (Vice-Chair), Mrs R Pawley, Mr N Jackson, Mr S Tyack, Mr A Tait, together with Mrs C Allen (Clerk)
Apologies for Absence: Mr R Pearson (Chair), Mr B Ball
Public: 1 and District Councillor J Beale and County Councillor N Moor.
Meeting opened at 8pm.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr N. Jackson and seconded by Mr A.Tait that the minutes of the meeting of 4th June, 2018 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr M. Newton.
2. Matters Arising:
Notice Boards – Mr Newton reported that Mr Harries has made a start on the painting of the notice boards.
Kissing Gate - This is still ongoing.
Play Equipment – This is still ongoing.
Training for Weed Spraying – Mr Pearson still has the final course and assessment to complete.
Second Defibrillator – Mr Newton reported this is up and running with some minor electrical work outstanding. Mrs R Pawley said that a vote of thanks was called for Mr Newton for the work in looking after this project to which the other Councillors agreed. Mr Newton said this was a joint effort. Mr Newton had previously sent an email to the Councillors advising of a CPR and Defibrillator course available to all residents which would help to familiarise themselves with it. Due to holidays it was agreed to postpone the course until the end of September.
Replacement logs for play area. This is still ongoing.
Seat in the Bus Shelter – This has been completed by Mr Harries to which the Councillors all agreed that a letter of thanks be sent to him.
Gigaclear – Mr Newton advised that he and Mr Pearson had met with the representative and had pointed out the damaged verges around the village. Gigaclear have promised that the repairs will be carried out by September and said they would also top dress and re-seed the grass where damaged
Audit Report –A meeting has been arranged at end of July with GAPTC to discuss this.
Certificate of Exemption – Mr Newton advised that the relevant form has now been received for which we can apply for the Certificate and this will be posted on the website in due course.
Churchyard Gravestones – Mr Newton advised there were signs now at each end of the Cemetery and after checking the gravestones there was only one which needed attention and has asked Mr Tyack to help him in making it safe.
Meeting with Gloucs Highways – A meeting had been arranged for the middle of July for Mr Newton and Mr Pearson to discuss any issues.

3. Accounts for Payment:
It was proposed by Mr A Tait and seconded by Mr S Tyack that the following payments should be made:
C. Allen Wages £584.19
Mr Paul Jones £790.00
Mr M Newton £ 37.50 (For graveyard signs paid previously by him)

4. Correspondence:
An email was received from CDC asking for notification from the Councillors to any changes of Members Interest, it was stressed that each councillor was personally responsible for making any changes.
An email was received from The Big Feastival advising of a community donation to Bledington The Councillors were in agreement to donate this to the Villager bus service. The Clerk will email the surrounding Parish Councils to advise them of this.
A quote was received for the replacement swing on the village green which had been damaged recently. After discussion the Councillors were in full agreement of installing a seat from a swing that was in use before which was a good condition and better quality.
Two letters had been sent to the Clerk along with photo’s advising of the deterioration of Little Lane due to overgrown trees and shrubs. Mr Newton to speak with Mr Pearson and the Highways Manager Mr Grey when he comes to meet them in July.
An email was received from Amey regarding Winter Updates. Mr Newton will confirm the details with Mr Pearson.
A questionnaire was received from GRCC regarding youth funding. The Clerk to reply to them with details.

5. Planning
A full application FUL/18/01623 for a single storey side extension at 1, Hazel Grove. As this is the property of the Parish Clerk she declared an interest and consequently the Vice Chair took over the recording of this matter which was discussed before the meeting due to the date expiring before the meeting. As there were no objections from the Parish Council or the neighbours a decision of no objection was lodged with the Planning Authority.
A full application FUL/18/01416/FUL for proposed new plans for The Old Post Office. Mr Newton explained that this was for information only as the Parish Council had already approved the previous drawings and they had reduced the size of the building.

6. ICO Data Protection.
Mr Newton advised that he was not yet certain this would be needed after checking an online questionnaire which was sent to the Parish Council by Mrs L Jackson. Mr Jackson will check this.

7. The Adoption of the amended Risk Assessment and review of the Councils Standing Orders, Code of Conduct, Financial Regulations, Asset Register and Insurance Cover.
Mr Newton reported that he had amended the Risk Assessment with updated details of the gravestones and Cemetery and inspections had been carried out.
Mr Newton asked for a vote to adopt the new Risk Assessment and this was proposed by Mr N Jackson and seconded by Mrs R Pawley. There were no votes against. The Clerk will enter the new Assessment on the Bledington website.
The Accounting Statement and Annual Governance report were presented to the Council who were in full support of these. They will also be entered on the Bledington website.
After discussion it was decided the Councillors were not fully satisfied with the Asset Register as it was unclear if depreciation was allowed for in the costing. This will be discussed at the coming meeting with GAPTC. This was proposed by Mr Tyack and seconded by Mr Tait.
Mr Newton asked for a vote from the Councillors that they are satisfied the Standing Orders, Code of Conduct, Financial Regulations and Insurance cover have been reviewed and fit for purpose. It was proposed by Mr Tyack and seconded by Mr Tait and carried unanimously.
8. New Website for Bledington
Mr Jackson explained that he and Mr Ball had been investigating a new website for Bledington as the current one was no longer acceptable. He explained that Mr Ball had contacted the owner of a website they particularly liked who was willing to rework the template for Bledington for a price much lower than a brand new website. It was decided for Mr Jackson and Mr Ball to pursue this further.

9. Gravel Pit Field
Mr Tyack attended the meeting to advise the Councillors of his intentions to try to improve the field which he rents. He advised that he had reduced his cattle stock by two thirds which would be more manageable. He has also said he intends to renew the fence on the roadside, hang a new gate along with re-seeding the grass in the autumn. He also proposed buying a twelve foot strip at the side of the wall which would relinquish his right of way across the field. After much discussion it was decided that Mr Tyack would need to tidy the road frontage and wall and hang a new gate and generally improve the site before the end of August and the Councillors could discuss this further at their next meeting at the beginning of September.

10. Fencing in the Play Area
Mr Newton reported that he had spoken with Mr Pearson and asked if the work would best be carried out by Mr P Jones during the winter time when the grass cutting has finished and in the meantime would ask him for a quote.

11. Cemetery Hedge and Tree
Quotes were received and brought to the meeting by the Clerk who presented them to the Councillors in a sealed envelope. They were discussed but it was noticed that some of the quotes did not allow for the hedge in the Cemetery to be cut back hard on the side of the gravestones. The Clerk will ask for amended quotes. Mr Newton said that a decision will need to be made out of the meeting..The contract for removing the tree by the village hall was awarded to Treetech.

12. Adjournment for questions from the public:
County Councillor N. Moor reported that Skanska will come to the village to do the remaining work for LED Street lighting. He also reported on the School Safety zone and advised that due to a pole having to be removed from the site there needs to be additional ducting for the School safety zone. Mr Moor advised that Skanska have agreed to provide the extra ducting when carrying out their work.
Mr Moor gave a report on the bridge by the village green advising that that Amey will be carrying out the work in the next 3 months. He voiced his concern that once the repairs are made the issue could be the same again next year and may be an ongoing problem. Mr Tyack said the damage was made by the HGV lorries using the bridge which was not wide enough. The matter was discussed and Mr Moor said that weight restrictions to minimise HGV traffic were being discussed in Stow and at Burford Bridge at a meeting in August which would help Bledington. The Councillors agreed to wait for the outcome of this before deciding what can be done.. Mr Moor will email the report of the meeting to the Clerk which can be discussed at the next meeting.
District Councillor Mr Beale said that details of the Award Scheme will be sent out in July. He said that the CDC local plan was now finished but another meeting was arranged on 3rd August in which to adopt the plan which is a legal requirement.

13. Any other business.
Mr Tait was concerned about the large hedges over hanging Main Street which are obstructing some lorries and horse boxes which in turn are mounting the pavement on the other side to get through. Mr Newton will discuss this with Mr Grey the Highways Manager at their meeting later in the month.

Meeting closed at 9.25 pm
Date and Time of next meeting:

Signed ………………………… .(Chairman) Date : ……………………