Parish Council Minutes June 2014

Minutes of the meeting on 2nd June 2014 at 8.00 pm in the village hall


Councillors Mr R Pearson (Chair) Mr M Newton (Vice-Chair) Mr S Tyack, Mr A Tait, Mrs R Pawley and Mr B Ball, together with Mrs A Newton (Clerk)

Apologies for Absence: Nigel Moor and Neil Jackson

Public: 0 members of the public

Meeting opened at 8.00 pm.

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

It was proposed by Mr A Tait and seconded by Mr S Tyack that the minutes of the meeting of 8th May 2014 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr R Pearson (Chair)

  1. Matters Arising:

Trees in the Old Burford Road – Mr S Tyack has completed this work and the Parish Council extends it thanks to him for giving up his free time.

Fungi in New play area – Mr M Newton will check to see if the fungus has re-grown.

Gravel path in Churchyard – Mr R Pearson will move the gravel to the side of the path to allow access for wheelchairs and pushchairs and see if this addresses the problem.

  1. Accounts for Payment:

It was proposed by Mr A Tait and seconded by Mrs R Pawley that the following payments should be made

P Jones                grass cutting              £300

P Jones                grass cutting              £300

Infozyme               defibrillator                 £1026

  1. Correspondence:

A letter from Mr G. Clifton-Brown MP outlining the neighbourhood plans this will be considered and raised at the next meeting if appropriate.

A letter from the Cotswold Conservation Board reference a vacancy for a Parish Councillor to join their board was received, but there were no interested parties.

An acknowledgement was received from Fastershire to say that our correspondence had been passed on by David Neudegg of Cotswold District Council about the delivery of faster broadband to Bledington. They have a website at, which has a postcode checker where anyone can go to see the status of their local exchange. Any areas in Gloucestershire that are served by the Kingham exchange will have to go through a period of surveying and planning, which is expected to start in spring next year. They expect the majority of the Fastershire work in the Kingham exchange area to finish by 31st March 2016. Further work to ensure all premises have faster broadband with a minimum of 2Mbps will be completed by December 2015. Anyone can join the mailing list by registering your interest on , and will then be sent the latest news on the project.

An email was received from Ms Jo Chesterton in which she asked about the possible pollution of the village stream during grass cutting. The Parish Council discussed this and asked the Clerk to write to her and explain that while the Parish Council accept that grass cuttings do enter the stream at these times they are usually washed away by the rain and it is only in times of long spells of dry weather that the stream which is fed by surface water run off and a small intermittent spring in fields beyond the Public house starts to stagnate. This is a normal pattern of events that is down to the uncertainties of the British climate also the ducks and the levels of weed that naturally grows in the summer months.

Leo White sent an email apologising for not collecting the Flood Group subscriptions but will do so in the near future. He will ensure that the coming years subscriptions will be collected on time.

An email was received outlining ‘Shaping the future of your Settlement’ - Further community engagement in the Cotswold District Local Plan 2011-2031: Local Green Spaces toolkit, stating that the deadline had been extended. The Parish Council discussed this but decided that the green spaces in Bledington were already protected from development, however Mr R Pearson will investigate the status of the New play area in Old Burford road.

Councillor Nigel Moor provided the information requested reference the purchase of the speed watch equipment. Mr M Newton reported that 51 cars were recorded in excess of 35 miles an hour during the last speedwatch in May. The Parish Council decided to wait for contact with other Parishes before making a final decision.

The Parish Council received notification from Gloucestershire Highways of the road closure 52728/LW - B4450 The Green Bledington for the Village Fete.

An email was received from Leo White reference the brook clearing, the flood group were concerned that the brook was flowing very slowly and asked whether the Parish Council had any regular contact with those agencies/owners who had responsibility for the brook below Chapel Lane. Mr R Pearson stated that plans were already in hand to clear a lot of the silt in the part of the brook that is the Parish Council responsibility. Mr R Pearson will speak to the landowner responsible who also may have knowledge of the Environment agencies involvement.

Cotswold District Council sent notification that a Statement of Community Involvement 2014 will be available to view and comment between the following dates:

Start date: 02/06/14 09:00

End date: 14/07/14 19:00

Using the following link to view this event:

This will be carried forward to the next meeting allowing time for Mrs H Pearson a planning officer to read it and offer comments and advice.

Also linked in with the above Mr M Newton and Mrs H Pearson attended the Smaller Settlements workshop in Northleach, the workshop outlined the proposed procedures within the local development plan aimed at developments within smaller settlements. The current proposal would be that Parish Councils or developers would initially carry out a local needs study which would be evidence based and verifiable, only if some level of local need has been shown would it then carry on to the next stage where the developer would need to prove that the development meets this local need, and such things as design, materials and infrastructure are acceptable to the local community. Mr M Newton stressed that at present this is only a proposal and the purpose of the workshop was to gauge the reaction of Parish Councils and to incorporate their comments and suggestions into the final version which will then go to public consultation.

Bob Skillern of Gloucestershire Highways replied to the Clerks enquiry giving a time scale for the gullies to be emptied and said that the trees causing a problem in Old Forge Close do no belong to Gloucestershire Highways and therefore they will not be undertaking the work to them. The Parish Council will investigate the extent of the work required and invite quotations if appropriate.

Nigel Moor sent his apologies and will come to the next Parish Council meeting.

An Invitation to take part in a Rural Local Council Sounding Board was received but after discussion the Parish Council decided not to take part.

A notification of a new “Funding for sport” initiative was received it appeared not to be a Parish Council matter, Mr B Ball will pass this on to the school where its contents will be more appropriate.

A letter was read out from Sinclair Scott re Poor's Plot Trustees in which he states that in today’s climate of local authority and national benefits and reliefs and the very active and well-funded Care Committee in Bledington it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Poor’s Plot Trustees to find residents in and immediately outside Bledington who are ‘in conditions of need, hardship, or distress’ (Clauses 24 (1) and (2)).

Any change in the Scheme, he believes has to be agreed with the Charity Commissioners.  He has been asked by the Trustees to enquire whether the Parish Council would support changes to the Scheme to widen its ‘relief in need’ to not only include individual residents but include organisations in Bledington that provide the residents of Bledington an invaluable service to many, such as the Village Hall and similar. A motion supporting this cause of action was proposed by Mr B Ball seconded by Mrs R Pawley passed unanimously, the Clerk will write to Sinclair Scott to inform him of their decision.

  1. Planning:

Location: Bledington Grounds Bungalow, Stow Road, Bledington, OX7 6XL
Proposal: Proposed replacement dwelling for agricultural worker. There were no objections from any of the Councillors therefore no comment will be made by the Parish Council on this application

Location: R & E M Prentice, Pebbly Hill Farm, Icomb Road, Bledington, OX7 6XJ.
Proposal: Conversion of existing agricultural barn, to supersede existing permission ref 13/00433/FUL. There were no objections from any of the Councillors therefore no comment will be made by the Parish Council on this application.

  1. Adjournment for questions from the Public:

There were no questions from the public.

  1. Any Other Business:

Mrs R Pawley commented on an article in the Stow Times reference changes to the bus service from the station to Stow on the Wold and the Rissingtons run by Gloucestershire County Council. At present the details are somewhat vague but it would appear that the current service has been superseded.

Mr B Ball asked the Clerk to keep an invoice from Shield Woodworking for the shop notice-board in the Parish Council records. This notice-board is a gift from Shield Woodworking on the understanding that if the shop project is unsuccessful ownership of the notice-board will pass to the Parish Council.

Mr A Tait reported that again there seems to be problem with dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs. This is a big problem in both Green Lane, Main Street and also the New Play Area which does have a notice banning dogs. Residents are requested to ensure that they clean up after their dogs and are also reminded that dogs are not allowed in the Play area, Parish Councillors were also asked to challenge anyone seen allowing their dogs in the Play area, Mr S Tyack stated that a resident will be submitting an article to the Bledington News on this subject.

Mr S Tyack said that he had spoken to Mr P Jones reference mowing the green in time for the Village Fete it was decided that this would not be an additional mow just earlier than would be normally expected.

Mr R Pearson stated that the condition of the road and kerbs in Station Road was cause for some concern this was on the list which County Councillor Nigel Moor is dealing with. Councillor Moor is attending the July meeting and this and other matters will be raised with him then.

Mr R Pearson read out a quote that had been received from TT services which is for cleaning the brook from Chapel Street to the Kings Head. The Parish Council discussed this and accepted the quote which was proposed by Mr A Tait and seconded by Mr B Ball the Clerk will write to TT Services, a start date for the work has yet to be decided.

Meeting closed at 8.45

Date and Time of Next Meeting:  7th July 2014 at 7.30pm