Parish Council Minutes June 2017

~~Bledington Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting on 5th June 2017 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall

Councilors Mr. R Pearson (Chair), Mr. M Newton (Vice-Chair) Mr. A Tait. Mr. S Tyack, together with Mrs. A. Newton (Clerk)
Apologies for Absence: Mr. N Jackson, Mrs. R Pawley Mr. B Ball and DC J Beale.
Public: 1 members of the public 
Meeting opened at 8.00 pm

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr. A Tait and seconded by Mr. M Newton that the minutes of the meeting of 11th May 2017 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr. R Pearson (Chair)

2. Matters Arising:
Broken stepping stone on the Green – Mr. Pearson and Mr. Newton will carry out this work when time and weather allow.
L. Kitchingman bench – The new bench has been positioned on the Village Green, the Parish Councils thanks are extended to Mr. W Pearson for laying the base and to Messer’s R & W Pearson for positioning and securing the Bench. Taking into account the cost of the bench and fitting that will leave a balance of £568.00 from the bequest. As previously agreed the gates and fence by the War Memorial will be re-painted, Mr. Tait will approach Mr. Len Harries to see if he would be willing to quote for this work.
Broken “Church Street” sign – This has been replaced.
Repairs to the grass verges by Mr. P Hoare – Mr. Pearson has spoken to Mr. Hoare and they will meet once all plant has been moved off site, Mr. Pearson will speak to Mrs. Pawley.
Second Defibrillator – we are still awaiting the decommissioning of the public phone box before this can be actioned, Mr. Newton has applied to DC Julian Beale for a grant towards the cost of the extra defibrillator.
Thomas Cakebread – Mr. Pearson has checked the size of the memorial, this is satisfactory and he has signed and returned the form to Thomas Cakebread.
Churchill Parish Council – no reply has yet been received.
Bridge – there has been no further information as to the reason for the survey which has taken place on the Station Road bridge.
Grant for Girl Guides – the Guides have been awarded a total of £300.00, thanks to DC Julian Beale for facilitating this grant.

3. Accounts for Payment:
It was proposed by Mr. S Tyack and seconded by Mr. A Tait that the following payments should be made:
Mr. P Jones  Grasscutting  £760.00
Village Hall  Hire   £75.00
W A Pearson  No Parking signs. £180.00
N J Pearson & Son Materials for bench £72.00

4. Appointment of New Clerk: 
Following the resignation of Mrs. Newton as Parish Clerk a new Clerk needs to be appointed. All Councillors will canvass possible replacements, the Clerk will prepare an advertisement for inclusion in the Bledington News and display on the village noticeboards. Mrs. Newton said that CDC are running a training course for Parish Clerks in September and it would be advantageous if the new Clerk could be appointed before September to enable them to attend this course.

5. Correspondence:
An email was received from Mr. T Windsor asking for the Parish Council’s help in petitioning for a Kissing Gate to replace the stile on the Oxfordshire Way about a mile west of Bledington beside the Westcote Brook. The Parish Council fully support this petition but also appreciate why this gate has been locked to prevent inappropriate use of the footpath. Mr. R Pearson will speak to Mr. T Pare of Loudham Estates to see if this can be resolved to allow for access by those less agile.
6. Planning:
Planning application no 17/01752 for part demolition of existing stables and erection of new stables and horse-walker at Micklands Hill Farm, Stow road Bledington. The Councillors discussed this and it was decided to object on the grounds of over development of this site. The planners will also be asked to visit this site as it is believed that some of the stables marked for demolition on the plan do not seem to exist, and to ask why the original house which had originally been due for demolition has been retained.

7. Adjournment for questions from the Public:
A question from the floor asking if the defibrillator has been checked to see if it was still in working order. Mr. Newton replied that it is checked weekly by Mr. Sinclair Scott and a record kept, he also stated that since it was commissioned the pads have been replaced twice, once due to age and once following use.

8. Any other Business:
Mr. Tyack reported that the Village noticeboards need cleaning and/or painting, Mr. Tyack will carry out this work over the summer months.
Mr. Newton reported that he has contacted a local company for a quote to spray the weed in the brook, they should be coming to look at the extent of the work this week.
Mrs. Newton has a form to fill out from the Feastival organisers for our share of their donation to local good causes, the Council had previously agreed that this should go to The Villager Bus Service. the form will be completed appropriately and returned.

Meeting closed at 8.30 o’clock
Date and Time of next Meeting: 3rd July 2017