Parish Council Minutes June 2018

Bledington Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting on 4th June, 2018 at 8pm in the Village Hall.

Attending: Councillors Mr R Pearson (Chair), Mr M Newton (Vice-Chair), Mrs R Pawley, Mr S Tyack, Mr A Tait, Mr B Ball, Mr N Jackson and District Councillor J Beale together with Mrs C Allen (Clerk)
Apologies for Absence: Mr N Moor, Public: 2
Meeting opened at 8.05 pm.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr A Tait and seconded by Mr S Tyack that the minutes of the meeting of 3rd May, 2018 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr R Pearson (Chair).

2. Matters Arising:
Notice Boards – Mr Pearson reported that Mr Harries had already made a start on painting the notice boards.
Kissing Gate - Mr Pearson explained that he had left a message and was waiting for a reply.
Play Equipment – Mr M Newton reported that this was still ongoing.
Training for Weed Spraying – Mr Pearson said that he still has the third part of the course to complete later in the year.
Cremation Stone for Gabe Winlaw – Mr Pearson said he is still waiting for the plans from the relatives for the new gravestone.
Second Defibrillator – Mr Newton informed the Council that this is now installed and operational. He explained that AD Glass had very kindly replaced the glass in the phone box free of charge. The Clerk to write a letter of thanks to AD Glass.
Sewerage leaking behind New Road – Mr Tyack said that after speaking to the neighbours the problem seems to be currently resolved. The Clerk will contact Thames Water to find out what the situation is at the moment.
Replacement Logs for Play Area – Mr Pearson is to arrange transport for these to the play area.
Seat in the Bus Shelter- Mr Pearson reported that Mr Harries is to make the necessary changes in due course .
Gravel Pit Field – It was agreed to carry this over to the next meeting and Mr Pearson will speak to Mr Tyack to find out his intentions with the field.
Leylanddi Tree – Mr Pearson is to ask for quotes before the next meeting.
Cemetery Hedge and Tree - To be carried over to the next meeting and Mr Pearson to ask for three quotes in the meantime.
Community Fund – Mrs Pawley reported the Brownies had said they currently had sufficient funds and she is still waiting to hear back from the Guides and the Playgroup.
Meeting with Gloucestershire Highways Manager – The Clerk to contact Mr Grey to ask him to visit Bledington to any discuss outstanding matters in the village.
Gravel around the Church – Mr Pearson to ask for 3 quotes.
Cotswold Carriers site – Mr Pearson to mention the matter of the trees to them when he next sees them.
Gigaclear – The Clerk to contact them to ask if they can attend a meeting to discuss outstanding issues.

3. Accounts for Payment:
It was proposed by Mr M Newton and seconded by Mr A Tait that the following payments should be made:
P. Jones £380.00 Grass cutting
P. Jones £380.00 Grass cutting
P. Jones £425.00 Grass cutting
GAPTC £160.00 Auditor

4. Correspondence:
Street Lighting Improvement Works. – An email was received from GCC stating that the LED street lighting project would be carried out in June.
Gloucestershire Community Nurses Fund – An email was received advising that financial help and various other support is available to vulnerable people in the area. The Clerk to forward this to the Care Committee.
GAPTC Audit Report – Mr Pearson gave thanks for the hard work in preparing the Audit to the previous Clerk Mrs Newton together with Mr Newton. Mr Newton reported that we had passed the Audit but there are a few issues which needed to be addressed and the Clerk is to arrange a meeting with GAPTC.
GAPTC Annual Governance & accountability return – An email was received asking for a Certificate of Exemption to be sent to the external auditors as our turnover is less than £25,000. The Council approved of this and the Clerk to ask GAPTC for a form to carry this out.
Gambling Act – CDC sent an email seeking the views of Councillors when adopting a new Statement in 2019. Mr Newton said this did not affect Bledington as a lottery is not in operation.

5. Planning
Orchard Bank Dwelling & assoc. works
Mr Pearson declared an interest in the planning for Orchard Bank and left the meeting and Mr Newton took over the Chair. After the discussion Mr Pearson returned to the meeting and resumed the Chair.
This was discussed and as there were no objections from the Parish Council a decision of support will be lodged with the Planning Authority.
Harwood House Wine store under existing utility room
This was discussed and as there were no objections from the Parish Council a decision of support will be lodged with the Planning Authority.

6. Fencing in the Play Area
Mr Pearson advised that he is in the process of acquiring quotes.

7. Rural Community Energy Fund.
Mr Higgs from Hazel Grove attended the meeting to answer questions from the Council and to ask for their support to apply for a grant to carry out a feasibility study for renewable energy in the village. He advised that there would be no cost to the council during the feasibility study. Mr Higgs explained he would first like to hold a public meeting in the village to find out how much interest there would be and if this would be for Solar or Heat energy. He explained that in order to apply for the grant it would be easiest if the PC authorized the application rather than have to set up a Co-operative Council in the first instance. After much discussion the Councillors were in full agreement of supporting Mr Higgs in moving forward with this project and added that it would be a good opportunity for Bledington to play it’s part in leading the way with renewable energy.

8. Adjournment for questions from the public:
Churchwarden Mrs Packe attended the meeting to discuss the incident in the old church yard that has recently occurred. Mr Pearson explained that a gravestone had fallen on a child and had been injured though not seriously. He explained that the PC currently maintains the graveyard and has checked back through records to find out who is liable. The records show that it is the PC responsibility to maintain both the churchyard and the gravestones. Mrs Packe reported that as a church council they have a duty of care and as the incident happened during one of the services it was agreed that the cost should be shared between the PC and the Church Council for two signs to be purchased. They will be put at each entrance of the graveyard advising the public not to touch the gravestones. The Councillors were all in agreement of the gravestones being inspected twice a year by someone from the PC as part of the risk assessment.
District Councillor Mr Beale advised that he will send PC the details of how to nominate someone for the Award Scheme at the beginning of July which will need to be registered in November. The Awards will be worth £1000. He said that the light pollution at Nether Wescote has stopped for the moment but expects the owner to apply for planning again in the Autumn.

9. Any other business.
Mr Ball was concerned that the School Safety Zone was not yet in operation. Mr Pearson and Mr Newton will discuss this with Mr Grey the Gloucestershire Highways Manager when he comes to visit Bledington in the next month.
Mr Ball brought up the problem of the kerb stones around the green. Mr Pearson said this was one of the things they would bring up with the Highways Manager Mr Grey when they meet up with him.
Mr Ball advised the Councillors against using the current Bledington Website as it was behaving badly and had most probably been hacked into. He explained that it would need a long term solution to update or fix it. He said that the PC needed to make a decision how to take this further and recommended buying a new website which would be more attractive and easier to use. The Councillors all agreed that the old website was not user friendly. This will be carried over to the next meeting for discussion.
Mr Jackson was concerned about the bridge over the brook being in disrepair again. Mr Pearson said he had reported the matter.
Mr Jackson reported that he had consolidated an email group that he had acquired over a period of time where Parishioners can opt out of being emailed by the Parish Council in line with the recent DGPR legislation. Mr Ball enquired if we need to be registered with the ICO Data Protection Register. Mr Jackson will forward the address of an online register to the Clerk where a self assessment questionnaire is available to check. Mr Ball said he would set up a new email address for the Clerk instead of her using a personal one which may not be quite so secure.

Meeting closed at 9.26 pm

Date and Time of next meeting: 2nd July, 2018 8pm

Signed ………………………… .(Chairman) Date : ……………………