Parish Council Minutes May 2015


Minutes of the meeting on 12th May 2015 at 7.00 pm in the School hall


Councillors Mr R Pearson (Chairman) Mr M Newton (Vice-Chair) Mr B Ball, Mr S Tyack, Mrs R Pawley, Mr A Tait together with Mrs A Newton (Clerk)

Apologies for Absence: Mr N Jackson

Public: 0 members of the public

Meeting opened at 7.00 pm.

Mr R Pearson wished to register the Parish Councils grateful thanks to Mr P Croke for the use of the school hall

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

It was proposed by Mr A Tait seconded by Mr S Tyack that the minutes of the meeting of 13th April 2015 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr R Pearson (Chair)

  1. Election of Officers:

Mr Pearson being prepared to stand again as Chair and there being no other candidates Mr Pearson was proposed by Mr S Tyack and seconded by Mr B Ball and elected unanimously, Mr M Newton being prepared to stand again as Vice Chair and there being no other candidates Mr Newton was proposed by Mrs R Pawley and seconded by Mr A Tait and elected unanimously.

  1. Matters Arising:

Highways work – Mr Pearson has spoken to Mr Bob Skillern of Gloucestershire Highways to pass on the Councils comments and concerns with reference to the recent road works through the village, Mr Skillern was grateful for the comments and was unaware that the works had overrun.

Dog mess – Mr Tait has spoken to the dog warden and together with Mr P Jay has taken some independent action, they have approached dog owners who were observed not clearing up after their dogs. This action does appear to have improved the situation and the Councils thanks are extended to Mr Tait and Mr Jay.

See saw – The see saw has now been repaired at a total cost of £65.23. Thanks are extended to Mr Newton, Mr Ball and Mr Pearson who were all involved in the procurement of materials and subsequent repair. As previously reported Mr Orr-Ewing has offered to bear the full cost of the repair, Mr Newton will contact him at his earliest opportunity and the Councils thanks are extended to him for this kind gesture.

Cemetery gate – This still requires a proper repair however, the temporary repair is holding up well and the permanent repair will be carried out when Mr Newton has time available.

Little Lane – Mr Pearson has spoken to the tree surgeon who has outlined the work they are carrying out, this incudes reducing the height of the box hedge which will hopefully alleviate the problem.

Big Feastavil –Mrs Pawley attended the aforesaid meeting, she was able to communicate the Councils concerns regarding this event. The organisers have made promises with regard to the traffic management arrangements, there will be telephone hotlines in operation to report problems and the organisers have promised that in future Bledington Parish Council will be included in all consultation and information exchange.

Tenancy of the Gravel Pitt field – Mr Pearson has spoken to the tenant of the Gravel Pitt field who has given assurances that he will address all of the Councils concerns and it is noted that work has already commenced and the Councils thanks are extended to him for his understanding in this matter. With regard to the boundary wall the tenant will write to the Council with his proposal to resolve this matter.

  1. Audit Paperwork:

Mr Newton reported that a problem had occurred with the VAT reclaim with reference to the Village hall roof repair, he had wrongly advised the Village Hall committee that the Parish Council could reclaim the VAT. Following the reclaim of the VAT for the first two bills we have been informed that this is a wrongful claim, the Clerk has spoken to HMRC and arrangements are in hand to repay the full amount. Mr Newton apologised both to the Council and to the Village Hall Committee.

The Clerk reported that as part of the annual audit the Parish Council has been chosen for an intermediate audit, this involves sending proof of the Councils procedures for risk assessment and compliance with financial regulations. The Clerk and the Vice Chair will prepare the necessary paperwork and return by the due date. Along with the above the Parish Council Financial Audit is now due, an internal audit has been carried out by Mr B Way who found the records to be satisfactory. The paperwork for the external audit was completed, unanimously agreed and signed by the Chair and the Parish Clerk. The Clerk will ensure these forms are sent to the external auditors within the specified time frame. The Parish Council extends its thanks to Mr B Way who carried out the internal audit of the Parish Councils accounts.

  1. Accounts for Payment:

It was proposed by Mrs R Pawley and seconded by Mr S Tyack that the following payments should be made:

See Saw              fixings                         £17.71

P Jones                grass cutting              £680

Barlow & sons     wood seesaw            £47.52

P Jones                grass cutting              £340    

  1. Correspondence:

The editor for the Bledington News Sinclair Scott forwarded an email from Paul King of Foscot in which he asks by what authority the Parish Council can comment upon the proposed double yellow lines outside the station and makes several observations which appear to be incorrect. A letter to the Bledington News addressing these observations will be prepared by the Clerk for use if the editor of the Bledington News prints the letter.

  1. Planning:

Full Application for Change of use of land from agricultural to domestic garden at Pebbly Hill Farm, Icomb Road, Bledington Mr R Pearson reported that he had visited the neighbours none of whom had any objections to this application. There were no objections from any of the Councillors therefore no objections will be recorded on this application.

Listed Building Consent for Alteration of remains of pigsty at Gilberts Farm House, The Green, Bledington. There were no objections from any of the Councillors therefore no objections will be recorded on this application.

Two objections against the Barn Cottage planning application were received and read to the meeting, because the expiry date for comments was before the date of this  meeting the application has already been dealt with and bearing in mind the objections received the Parish Council have objected to this application.

  1. Adjournment for questions from the Public:

There were no questions from the public.

  1. Any Other Business:

Repairs to the banks of the brook – Mr Pearson reported that he had been in touch with one of the contractors who quoted for this work, unfortunately the specification has since changed and a revised specification will need to be sent. The Clerk will do this a.s.a.p. it is hoped that the revised quote will be ready for the next meeting where the Council will consider awarding the contract.

Mr Pearson asked if there was any knowledge regarding the progress of the faster broadband for the village. Mr Ball replied that he had been monitoring the situation with both Fastershire and BT Openreach whose websites report that faster broadband should be available in Bledington by the end of December 2015. Mr Ball will contact both Fastershire and BT Openreach and try to obtain a more definitive answer.   

Meeting closed at 7.50 pm

Date and Time of Next Meeting:  1st June 2015 at 8.00pm