Parish Council Minutes May 2017

~~Bledington Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting on 11th May 2017 at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall

Councilors Mr. R Pearson (Chair), Mr. M Newton (Vice-Chair) Mrs. R Pawley, Mr. B Ball, Mr. A Tait. Mr. S Tyack, Mr. N Jackson together with Mrs. A. Newton (Clerk)
Apologies for Absence: 0
Public: 3 members of the public plus Councillor J Beale
Meeting opened at 7.00 pm

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr. A Tait and seconded by Mr. S Tyack that the minutes of the meeting of 3rd April 2017 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr. R Pearson (Chair)

2. Matters Arising:
Broken stepping stone on the Green – Mr. Pearson and Mr. Newton will carry out this work when time and weather allow.
Dog bin on the Green – The new position seems to be working well.
No Parking signs on the Village Green – these have now been positioned around the village green, they can be re-positioned if required.
L. Kitchingman bench – Mr. Pearson has spoken to the executers who are happy with the PC’s choice of charities for the remainder of the bequest. Once the sum is finalized the monies will be distributed. Mr. W Pearson has kindly offered to install the concrete base and fit the memorial bench free of charge, subject to costs of any extra materials, the Councils thanks are extended to him for this kind offer. – The Village hall has been booked for the Friday evening before the Fete for the team to meet with residents prior to the “Reveal” during the Village Fete.
Broken “Church Street” sign – DC Julian Beale will chase this up, Mr. Newton will provide Mr. Beale with the name of the person dealing.
Repairs to the grass verges by Mr. P Hoare – Mr. Pearson has spoken to Mr. Hoare and they will meet once all plant has been moved off site.
Internal audit – Mr. B Way has completed the internal audit (see item 4). Mr. B Way has indicated that he will no longer be able to act as the internal auditor and the council wish to thank him for the many years of voluntary service he has given to the PC.
Second Defibrillator – we are still awaiting the decommissioning of the public phone box before this can be actioned, Mr. Newton will apply to DC Julian Beale for a grant towards the cost of the extra defibrillator.
Closed footpath to Foxholes – this is ongoing and the footpath is unlikely to re-open before July.

3. Election of Officers
Mr. Pearson being prepared to stand again as Chair and there being no other candidates Mr. Pearson was proposed by Mrs R Pawley and seconded by Mr. B Ball and elected unanimously, Mr. M Newton being prepared to stand again as Vice Chair and there being no other candidates Mr. Newton was proposed by Mr. N Jackson and seconded by Mr. A Tait and elected unanimously. Mr. Newton stated that this may well be his last year as a Councillor but will make a final decision at a later date.

4. Approval of Accounts
The Parish Council Financial Audit is now due, an internal audit has been carried out by Mr. B Way who found the records to be satisfactory. The paperwork for the external audit was completed, unanimously agreed and signed by the Chair and the Parish Clerk. The Clerk will ensure these forms are sent to the external auditors within the specified time frame.

5. Accounts for Payment:
It was proposed by Mr. N Jackson and seconded by Mr. A Tait that the following payments should be made:
Mr. P Jones  Grasscutting  £760.00
Broxap   Bench              £1360.00  

6. Correspondence:
A letter was received from Cotswold Carriers questioning the accuracy of the information received at the April Parish Council meeting which referred to their application for an HGV operator’s licence at their Kingham premises. Two directors of the company attended the meeting and the Chair invited them to speak. They stated that contrary to the communication received from Churchill PC, they were not applying for a HGV Distribution Centre but for the business of removals and storage. They also wished to reassure the council and residents that there will be no unnecessary vehicle movements through the village, they also stated that at present they only run six HGV’s and only two of those are articulated, one of which spends the vast majority of its time in Europe. The question was asked “how many vehicle movements will there be through the village?” answer – unless there is business in the village then none. A secondary question “if you are travelling to or via Stow-on-the-Wold would you not go through the village?” answer – No, all HGV’s will be routed via Lyneham and Burford. The Directors stated that if anyone has any concerns or complaints they should make contact with Cotswold Carriers at their office which will be open at The Sidings, Kingham Station, from late May, when any concerns will be addressed.
Thomas Cakebread sent a letter asking permission to erect a memorial stone on the grave of Ms. H Gibbs. The Parish Council discussed this and as there was no size stipulated Mr. Pearson will check that the size of the stone meets the Councils requirements before granting permission.
An email was received from the Big Feastavil proposing a new community initiative in which they would contribute £5000 to the five neighbouring parishes to be used to support local community projects. This was discussed and it was decided to support the proposal of Churchill PC for the full amount to be donated to the Villager Bus Service, this was proposed by Mr. Ball and seconded by Mrs. Pawley and passed unanimously. The clerk will reply to Churchill PC and also complete the application form for the organiser. Mr. Pearson asked the clerk to invite a representative of the Feastavil to attend the June meeting to answer any concerns.
An email was sent from CDC to alert the Council to a competition being run by Channel 4 for the Village of the Year 2017. This was discussed and Mr. Jackson volunteered to apply on behalf of the Council.
Mrs. R Pawley sent an email alerting the Council to survey work being carried out on the small bridge on the road to the station. Her initial information is that there is a proposal to raise the bridge to allow for a better water flow. Mr. Newton has emailed Gloucestershire Highways asking if they have any knowledge of the proposals, Mr. Skillern has forwarded this enquiry to the relevant department who will reply in due course.

7. Planning:
Location: The Bungalow, High street, Bledington. Planning application no 17/01573/FUL
For Replacement dwelling amendment to 15/02068/FUL and new site access and letter from Mr. G Ferrero offering to meet with members of the Parish Council for clarification if needed.
This was discussed and there were no objections. The Clerk will register a comment of no objections.

8. Adjournment for questions from the Public:
A member of the public stated that not all the street lights had been upgraded and asked if the PC had any knowledge. Mr. Tyack replied that some of the lights needed replacement of the poles before the lamps could be updated.

9. Any other Business:
District Councillor Julian Beale stated that at the recent County Council elections Mr. Nigel Moore has once again been elected as our County Councillor. He also reported that there is due an AGM of the District Council which is likely to result in changes of responsibilities, as a consequence he is unable to update the meeting on the problems with the planning website. The Local Plan is delayed for a further two months.
The grant for the Guides will be chased up.
£500 is available for a village project to commemorate the end of WW1, Mr. Newton stated that he had been approached about this and will investigate further.
Mr. Pearson reported that due to health reasons Mrs. Newton will not continue as Parish Clerk beyond April 2018. Mr. Pearson Thanked Mrs. Newton on behalf of the Parish Council for her loyal service to this community. The procedure and time scale for appointing a new Parish Clerk will need to be discussed in the near future.

Meeting closed at 8.o’clock
Date and Time of next Meeting: 6th June 2017