Parish Council Minutes November 2017

Minutes of the meeting on 6th November 2017 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall



Councilors Mr. R Pearson (Chair), Mr. M Newton (Vice-Chair) Mr. N Jackson, Mr. S Tyack, Mrs. R Pawley, together with Mrs. A. Newton (Clerk)

Apologies for Absence: Mr. A Tait. and Mr. B Ball

Public: 4 members of the public plus District Councilor J Beale and County Councilor N Moor

Meeting opened at 8.00 pm

Mr. Pearson welcomed Mr. Graham Beacham, a prospective new Parish Clerk, who will observe proceedings.


1.    Minutes of Previous Meeting:

It was proposed by Mr. N Jackson and seconded by Mr. S Tyack that the minutes of the meeting of 2nd October 2017 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr. R Pearson (Chair)


2.    Matters Arising:

Painting rails in Churchyard – Mr. Pearson has thanked Mr. Harries for carrying out this work, Mr. Harries has said that he may apply another coat of paint in the spring if it is required.

Notice Boards – Mr. Tyack will complete this work when time allows.

Kissing gate – Mr. Pearson will speak with the footpath warden for an update on progress.

Second Defibrillator – Mr. Newton reported that the phone box has now officially been handed over to the Parish Council and he has obtained a price for the acquisition of a second defibrillator and secure box from CHT, this will total £1950.00. Mr. Newton asked DC Julian Beale if there was any news of the CDC grant that had been applied for, DC Beale replied that an application form now needs to be completed but this should be just a formality. DC Beale will email the form to Mr. Newton. The Clerk has written to the Village Hall committee requesting permission to re-locate the existing defibrillator to the outside of the hall and Mr. Pearson has made enquiries and confirmed that planning permission will not be required.

Weed in Brook – Mr. Newton reported that he is in email contact with a company for weed control but in the meantime a further working party may be required in the near future.

H Gibbs Bench – Mr. Newton reported that he had received a quote from “Broxap Ltd” for a 2m bench including fixing kit and delivery for £988.00 + vat. This was discussed, and it was decided to place an order as per quote.

Play area – The maintenance is in hand, and replacement of the climbing logs is being arranged, possibly by the spring of next year.

Cutting Back Trees – Mr. W Pearson has this in hand.

Hedge in Cemetery – Mr. Pearson has discussed this with Mr. Hoare and is waiting for a response.

Resurfacing roads in Bledington – Mr. Pearson outlined to Councillor Moor the Parish Councils misgivings with the recent resurfacing, Councillor Moor said that the way this was carried out was not acceptable and reported that the current contractors have already been informed that their contract will not be renewed. Mr. Pearson also stated that not all the planned work was completed. CC Moor will speak to Mr. Skillern about this. Mr. Pearson asked that the drainage gullies along Chapel Lane be dug out to ensure good drainage of the roadway, CC Moor replied that he would arrange for a “lengthmans scheme” visit to carry out this work and any other similar jobs. Parish Councillors were asked to suggest which other works may be appropriate. CC Moor also reported that the “School Safety Zone” was now almost complete and hoped that this may help to alleviate some of the problems around the school.

Thames Water – Mr. Pearson has taken advice on the new lease; this advice agrees with the sentiments expressed at the last meeting. The clerk has drafted a letter detailing the Parish Councils requirements of the new lease, the contents of this letter were agreed, and this will be sent to Thames Water’s agent.

Grass verge in Main road – All Councillors have inspected this verge and are happy that this is not a problem.

Hedge in Station road – This has now been completed.

Trees in Old Forge Close – Mr. Pearson has spoken to a representative of the owner and it is hoped that this will be dealt with in the near future.

Working Party – A working party was organised for 3rd November to clear ivy etc. from the Churchyard, this was very well supported, and the thanks of the Parish Council are extended to all who attended and to the Kings Head for again sponsoring the event.



3.    Accounts for Payment:

It was proposed by Mr. S Tyack and seconded by Mr. N Jackson that the following payments should be made:

Mr. P Jones                 Grasscutting                                       £800.00

M Newton                    Basketball net/ink                              £21.89

R A Pearson               Poppy Wreath                                     £17.00



4.    Correspondence:

An email was received from Julie Pritchard to make an appointment for Kevin Dower Project Co-Ordinator for the new Community Connectors scheme in the Cotswold’s which is replacing the Village and Community Agents to attend a PC meeting to provide details with the new service. An invitation has been sent for our next meeting.



5.    Precept

The clerk had provided a spreadsheet detailing annual spend to date, the figures show that the Councils spending is under control and will be within budget. A final decision on the precept for 2018/2019 will be made at the January meeting.




6.    Planning:



7.    Adjournment for questions from the Public:

Ms. K Pare (Foscot and Idbury Parish meeting) spoke about the anomaly of the short length of national speed limit between Bledington and Foscot and asked if Bledington Parish Council would back the idea of continuing the 30mph limit between the two villages. The Parish Council agreed and as this length of road crosses the county border with Oxfordshire, CC Nigel Moor will make enquiries and report back. In the meantime, Ms. Pare will make contact with Oxfordshire Highways.



8.    Any other Business:

District Councillor Julian Beale asked if the notification of the increase in the “Community Projects Fund” had been received, the clerk confirmed that this had been circulated to all Councillors, DC Beale suggested that this may be of particular interest to the Village Shop committee.

He also reminded the meeting that there is a fund available for the WW1 commemorations next year, it was felt that this could be of interest to the village and will be an agenda item for December.

County Councillor Nigel Moor reported that Gloucestershire County Council had objected to the proposed weight limit through Burford, this has now been suspended for six months while further talks and investigations take place. GCC are concerned that the limit should not be carried out in isolation but requires a far wider approach to address the problem.

Complaints were forthcoming about the increase in the amount of HGV’s coming through Bledington including an increasing number from Cotswold Carriers, despite promises made to this meeting recently by the owners, Mr. Pearson will speak to them.


Meeting closed at 9.05pm

Date and Time of next Meeting: 11th December 2017 at 8pm