Parish Council Minutes October 2016

~~Minutes of the meeting on 3rd October 2016 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall
Attending: Councillor Mr. R Pearson (Chairman) and Mr. M Newton (Vice-Chair) Mr. B Ball, Mr. N Jackson Mr. A Tait, Mr. S Tyack, Mrs. R Pawley together with Mrs. A Newton (Clerk)
Apologies for Absence: 0
Public: 5 including District Councillors J Beale and N Moor
Meeting opened at 8.00 pm

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr. S Tyack seconded by Mr. M Newton that the minutes of the meeting of 5th September 2016 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr. R Pearson (Chair).
2. Matters Arising:
Lengthsman Scheme – Councillor N Moor had attended to hear the concerns of Councillors about the tasks carried out during the Lengthsman Scheme. It would appear that the vast majority of the promised work was not carried out, none of the agreed contact with named Councillors materialised and with regard to the granite sets around the Village Green rather than being replaced these had simply been removed. Councillor Moor replied that as far as he was aware the works had all been carried out, he will make enquiries and initiate a post-mortem and report back at the November meeting.
Ducks Crossing sign – Mr Newton has reminded Mr Orr-Ewing with reference to his previous offer.
Little Lane –  The hedge has now been cut back however Mr Jackson commented that the hedgerow still needs to be reduced in height. There is also a dead tree which for safety reasons should be removed. Mr Pearson will try to progress this matter.
Working Party – The working party was very successful and the Councils thanks are extended to all those who volunteered.
Brook from the village to the Mill – Mr Pearson has spoken to the landowner who has assured him that clearance of this section of the brook is in hand, this situation will be monitored.
Sluice gate at the Mill – Mrs Pawley has adjusted the sluice gates and the situation will continue to be monitored. 
Broken stepping stone on the Green – This has yet to be replaced Mr Newton and Mr Pearson will carry out this work as soon as possible.
Trees in Church Lane – Following last month’s meeting further comments with reference to these trees have been received by the Parish Council, Mrs Pawley has visited the property owner responsible who has agreed to seek advice from a tree surgeon.
Dog Bin on the Green -   Mr Newton has not yet enquired about relocating the dog bin on the Village Green, Mr Tyack volunteered to carry out the work involved to relocate the dog bin and District Councillor J Beale will ascertain if any permission from CDC is required.

3. Presentation by Ms Kennedy:
Ms J Kennedy who has purchased Number 7 New Road, presented a proposal to the Council outlining her plan to build an attached 2 bed-room house on the side of the above property. Councillors had previously been circulated the proposed plans and were able to ask questions. Mr Pearson also invited questions from members of the public. A statement was presented on behalf of the neighbouring residents whose comments will be taken into account by the Parish Council if and when a formal planning application is made.
4. Accounts for Payment:
It was proposed by Mrs R Pawley and seconded by Mr A. Tait that the following payments should be made: 
P Jones   Grass-cutting  £680.00
A Newton  wages   £564.39
AON   Insurance  £1022.10
Village Hall  Hire   £65.00
5. Correspondence:
A letter from one of the Cirencester Councillors was received asking for a Straw Poll on the Housing requirements in the Village over the next 15 years. The Council discussed this and the Clerk will reply to Councillor Harris with the Parish Councils decisions which will be in line with the comments made to CDC at the time of the Consultation for the Local Plan.
6. No Parking Signs on the Green
It was decided that the “No Parking” signs on the Village Green are in need of replacement, Mr Pearson will make enquiries about having the backing to the signs manufactured out of steel or aluminium which would be far more durable and Mr Newton will obtain a quote for plastic facings, which will include the word “Please”.
7. Tree Survey:
The tree survey, which has to be carried out every five years to maintain the Councils insurance cover, is now due, at least three quotes need to be obtained for this survey. Mr Pearson has some companies in mind, Councillor Beale offered to contact the CDC Tree Officer to see if he could be of any help and Mr Newton is waiting for a reply from a local tree surgeon with his recommendations. Quotes will then be requested from the chosen companies.
Mr A Packe has attended the meeting as the current village Tree Warden, as this is a Parish Council appointment it was decided that the Parish Council would take over the duties of Tree Warden Mr Packe will inform CDC of this change and all future Tree Warden correspondence will be sent to the Parish Clerk. Mr Pearson thanked Mr Packe for all of his hard work in this role.
8.  Adjournment for questions from the public:
District Councillor J Beale asked what the current position was with regard to the stables on the Middle Orchard site. Mrs Pawley replied that an appeal had been lodged against the Enforcement Order. Councillor Beale will speak with the Enforcement Officer to obtain further information. Councillor Beale also stated that the change of use from agricultural to garden for the small piece of land at Brooklands, Stow Road had been refused, he will continue to do what he can to help the current owners.
Mr A Packe has a filing cabinet of old Parish Council files which he would like removed, Mr Pearson and Mr Newton will carry this out by the first week of November at the latest. Mr Packe also commented that the No Through road sign at the entrance to Chapel Lane is in urgent need of renewal, he had contacted Mr Skillern from Gloucestershire Highways earlier in the year who had promised to get this work actioned however to date nothing has been done. Mr Pearson will contact Mr Skillern and ask that this be carried out as a matter of urgency.
A member of the public reported that Thames Water were doing some work at the back of New Road, when challenged they said it was in preparation for the new houses. The Parish Council are confident that this is a mistake on behalf of Thames Water who should have been carrying out this work in New road Kingham. There are no plans for any New Houses in Bledington.
Councillor Moor outlined the minor changes to the proposed School Safety Zone, which had been previously circulated to Councillors. It was agreed that these changes were acceptable and Councillor Moor hopes this work will be carried out within the next financial year. Mr Tyack raised the problem of the drainage gulley on the Foscot Turn, Mr Pearson replied that he had met with Mr H Roberts from Gloucestershire Highways and it would appear that the main problem is with the ditch which the gulley empties into, being blocked. The name of the landowner concerned was passed to Mr Roberts. Councillor Moor will chase up this issue.
9. Any Other Business:
Mr B Ball reported that the noticeboard in Church Lane is in need of some attention, Mr Newton will look into it to see if it’s a job that can be done in house or if it will need to be contracted out.
Mr Jackson highlighted the problem of the weed in the brook and also the low levels of water flow. With regard to the water flow Mr Pearson pointed out that it was first and foremost a drainage ditch fed mainly be rainwater runoff and a small spring which is also reliant upon the water table. With regard to the weed problem Mr Newton has made enquiries about spraying with a weed suppressant, there are several products on the market which are harmless to aquatic and wild life, however permission would have to be sought from the Environment Agency and more research needs to be carried out in this area, but it would appear this could be a viable solution to the problem.
Mr Pearson said that the drainage ditch at the bottom of Church Road is in urgent need of clearing, it is felt that this would be better done with a mechanical digger and TT Services will be asked to carry this out and Mr Ball will inform the adjacent residents that this work is planned. 

Meeting closed at 9.45
Date and time of next meeting: 7th November 2016 at 8.00 pm
Signed…………………………………………………(Chairman) Date…………………………………………