Parish Council Minutes October, 2018

Minutes of the meeting on 1st October, 2018 at 8pm in the Village Hall.

Attending Councillors: Mr R Pearson (Chair), Mr M Newton (Vice-Chair), Mr B Ball, Mr N Jackson, Mr S Tyack, Mr A Tait and District Councillor J. Beale.
3 members of the public attended.
Meeting opened at 8.05 pm.

1. Apologies received from Mrs R Pawley and Councillor N Moor.
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
It was proposed by Mr M Newton and seconded by Mr A Tait that the minutes of the meeting of 3rd September, 2018 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr R Pearson.
3. Declaration of interests: There was no declaration of interests in the Agenda by the Councillors.
4. Matters Arising:
ICO update – The Clerk advised that this will be carried out during the next month.
Gravel pit field – Mr Pearson reported that he had spoken to Mr Tyack to advise him that the Council had agreed not to renew his tenancy at the end of September, 2019 but did ask him to discuss with the Council if he still wished to buy a right of way on the edge of the field in the future. Mr Pearson added that when the field is put out for tender next year the Council may need to make a decision on a new fence around the field.
Cemetery hedge and tree – Mr Newton confirmed that the work had been carried out by Treetech and they have cut back quite hard around the graves. He said that this was a good thing and will prove if the hedge would regenerate itself. The Council will keep an eye on this and make a decision regarding the hedge next spring.
‘Cloud platform on the Clerk’s computer’ – Mr Jackson confirmed that he had installed Dropbox on the Clerks computer and that all the files are now uploaded on the Cloud where they will be secure. In due course the Councillors will be able to access files and download documents once the Clerk has ‘invited’ them to access the records. Mr Jackson said that when he is carrying out the audit it will be useful in that he will be able to access the accounts from his own computer.
Defibrillator training and talk with the students – Mr Newton reported that the training took place on the 18th September in the Village Hall and had been very well attended. He said Mrs Dickson had put everything across well and dispelled a lot of the myths of the defibrillator. He mentioned that she is possibly going to organise another session for November and he would encourage anyone who didn’t attend the last one to go. Mr Ball said that he will try to speak to the students waiting for the school bus to ask for their co-operation in checking that the defibrillator is kept safe and making sure the door of phone box is kept closed.
Play area inspections - The Clerk confirmed that she had created a spreadsheet and Mr Ball said that he would update her each month when an inspection of the playground had been made.
Little Lane – Mr Pearson confirmed that the work in tidying up the hedges and taking down the dead tree was in hand and the work will be carried out in the near future once permission has been received from CDC to fell the dead tree. He also mentioned that the Highways Authority had carried out an excellent job on the edges of the village green and he will speak with Mr Grey to show our appreciation.
Church signs – Mr Newton advised that once the metal strips to hold the signs have been made he will be able to move the signs to just inside the gated areas.
Removal of tree in Middle Orchard – Mr Tyack reported that he had spoken to owner of the land who said he had been to assess the tree and noted the area had become very overgrown this summer. He said his intention is to erect a post and rail fence inside the boundary in the orchard very shortly and will also have the opportunity at that time to tidy the area and remove the dead tree.
Fencing in the play area –Mr Pearson explained that he had spoken to Mr Jones who has carried out a temporary repair on the fence and in his opinion is secure at the moment. The Councillors all agreed that a new fence can be erected at the same time as when the gravel pit field is fenced.

Report from District Councillor J. Beale
Mr Beale announced that there was going to be a change of leader of the Council as the current Councillor has resigned due to ill health and a decision as to who will take over will be taken later this month. He said that the Community Awards nominations had now closed and judging had started. District Councillor Beale also reported that early next year the fleet of trucks used for the household rubbish will be renewed and they will have an increased capacity for the variety of rubbish and will hopefully make things more efficient and speedier.

6. Planning
Mr and Mrs Cross attended the meeting to present their plans for their new proposed dwelling which is adjacent to Jasmine Cottage on Church Lane. The Councillors agreed that the proposed new building looked suitable. Mr Pearson thanked them for coming to show the plans to the Council and advised that a comment can be made once plans are submitted.
17/03104/FUL - The Old Barn, Pebbly Hill Farm – Erection of a Dwelling. After much discussion by the Councillors it was agreed to make an objection to this proposal with a comment of ‘Development by Stealth’. Councillor Beale was also concerned and said he will look into the matter.

7. Accounts for payment to be approved.
It was proposed by Mr B Ball and seconded by Mr A Tait that the following payments should be made:
P. Jones Grass cutting & repairs £ 820.00
Treetech Tree and hedge cutting £1116.00
C. Allen Clerks wages £ 584.19
Bledington Village Hall Hire of Hall £ 25.00
BHIB Insurance Renewal Annual Insurance £1078.36
M. Newton Fluorescent Tube and fuse £ 6.14

8. New website for Bledington Parish Council.
Mr Ball reported that he is currently writing a detailed specification for the new website along with a site map and once that is done he will be able to brief the designers.

9. Street sign for Main Street and Old Burford Road. Mr Tait said there had been some confusion recently near his house due to there not being some street signs in Bledington. District Councillor Beale advised this was a matter for the County Councillor but that he would try to consult with him. After some discussion it appears that Station Road also is without a sign.
Mr Ball advised that the Oxfordshire Way sign on Church Lane was broken. Councillor Beale confirmed he would look into this.

10. Review of Finances
Mr Jackson advised that he had met with the Clerk and carried out a quarterly audit and there were no issues apart from a dormant bank account carried over from many years ago which was not accessible. The Clerk will write to NSI.

11. Correspondence
Letter regarding existing cremation plots – Mr Pearson explained that a letter had been received advising of 6 cremation plots in the Cemetery two of which have been used which were bought in 1968. The family have moved out of the area and have said they do not want to use the further 4 plots and will give these back to Bledington for resale which is very generous of them. The letter explained that they were saddened to see that the mothers’ grave appeared to be disappearing under the hedge with the fathers’ grave not far behind. Mr Pearson asked the Clerk to write a letter of thanks for the burial plots and to report that the hedge has now been cut back around the graves.

Mr Pearson explained that he had just received a letter asking for permission to put a plaque on a grave in the War Memorial Cemetery. He went on to say that because the grave will have 2 lots of ashes eventually, the plaque will need to be made slightly larger than usual for the inscriptions. After discussion the Councillors all agreed to the plaque being laid but with an increase in price due to the larger size of the stone.

Email asking for the renewal of Trustee for the Poors plot – It was agreed by all the Councillors that Mr Pearson is to be re-appointed as a trustee of the Poors Plot. This was proposed by Mr Newton and seconded by Mr Jackson.

12. Adjournment for questions from the public
Mr Higgs attended the meeting to update the Council on the recent meeting to promote Rural Community Energy. He had hoped that more villagers would attend and hopefully more people would become involved in the future. He reported after much discussion it was decided to form a Scope group to put forward any ideas and their first meeting would be at the Kings Head on Wednesday, 3rd October. Mr Higgs was hopeful that the feasibility study would be able to start in six months time after receiving quotes from at least 3 Companies but would first bring to the Parish Council for approval.

13. Any other business
Mr Jackson reported that he has been looking at the Asset Register along with Mr Pearson in order to update this. He will re-work the report and hopefully by the next meeting it will be complete and can be uploaded to the cloud.
Mr Newton reported that recently there had been a problem with the power supply on the new defibrillator but it appears to be working fine now that a new transformer has been installed. He also explained that all the current Councillors will be up for re-election next May and explained that at this current time he feels that he will not be in a position to put himself forward for re-election due to outside pressures. Mr Pearson said he understood and thanked Mr Newton for all of his help and also for the work put in by the rest of the Councillors and Clerk.
Mr Pearson reported that the new lease or increase in payment has not yet been received from Thames Water and will contact them during the next month.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm
Date and time of next meeting: Monday, 5th November, 2018 at 8pm.

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