Parish Council Minutes September 2017

Minutes of the meeting on 4th September 2017 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall



Councilors Mr. M Newton (Acting Chair & Acting Clerk) Mr. N Jackson, Mr. A Tait. Mr. S Tyack, Mrs. R Pawley and Mr. B Ball.

Apologies for Absence: Mr. R Pearson (Chair), Mrs. A. Newton (Clerk)

Public: 1 members of the public  

Meeting opened at 8.00 pm


1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

It was proposed by Mr. S Tyack and seconded by Mrs. R Pawley that the minutes of the meeting of 3rd July 2017 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and will be signed by Mr. R Pearson (Chair)


2. Matters Arising:

Painting rails in Churchyard – Mr. Pearson has purchased the paint and passed this to Mr. Harries who has begun the work.

Notice Boards – Mr. Tyack will complete this work when his own commitments allow.

Kissing gate – No further news on this, passed over until October.

Second Defibrillator – This will be dealt with during “correspondence”

Parish Clerk Vacancy – to date, no one has expressed an interest, Mr. Tyack has one person in mind and he will speak with them at his earliest opportunity. The Clerk will send the advertisement to GAPTC for circulation around the local Parishes.

Weed in Brook – The recent working party was not well attended due mainly to the holiday period. However, given the small attendance the work carried out was excellent, the thanks of the Parish Council are extended to Mr. Richard Crabtree for his attendance. A further working party will be arranged.

Thames Water Lease – Thames water are happy to renew the lease with the new conditions as discussed in July. The agent for Thames Water has asked if the Council would be prepared to sell the land to them. This was discussed and it was decided that we would not be prepared to do this on the grounds that an annual income is preferable.

Big Feastavil – it was generally felt that this year’s traffic management plan worked really well, especially with regard to the trade vehicles during build up and take down. There is to be a post event meeting and a representative from the Parish Council will attend to pass on our comments.

Hazel Gibbs Legacy – Mr. Pearson and Mr. Newton have spoken to Mr. Orr-Ewing from The Kings Head who has pledged a donation of £400 so that we can purchase a matching bench to that recently donated by the late Mr. Kitchingman. The new bench will be positioned on the village green for the use of parents supervising their children on the play equipment.

Gloucestershire Highways Survey – Mr. Ball looked at the form sent from Gloucestershire Highways and felt that it was inappropriate for our needs, instead he wrote to them expressing our dis-satisfaction with the recent resurfacing. A reply was received stating the financial benefits of surface dressing. This does not really address our concerns and it is proposed to invite County Councillor Moore to our next meeting to address these concerns.

School Parking – Mr. Tyack has spoken to the Headmistress who will write to parents to ask for more considerate parking, Mr. Newton has spoken to Stow Police and has been informed that the recently retired PCSO is being replaced but not until October. Once the new PCSO’s are in place Mr. Newton will speak to them to hopefully get the same commitment to visit the school at the relevant times to help with this problem.

Hedges Little Lane – Mr. Tait reported that this work has now been done. Also, a note went in the Bledington News asking residents to cut back vegetation where it impacted on public footway’s, the response to this was very good and the Parish Councils thanks are extended to those who carried out this work.

Vermin problems – Pestakers have visited the site and dealt with the problem, however they did report that there was evidence that residents were putting food out for the ducks and that whilst this practice continues there will always be a problem with vermin. The Parish Council would ask residents in Chapel Lane not to feed the Ducks as this both attracts the unwanted attention of vermin and also discourages the ducks from eating the weed and so helping to control this annual problem which the Council has to deal with.



3. Accounts for Payment:

It was proposed by Mr. A Tait and seconded by Mrs. R Pawley that the following payments should be made:

Mr. P Jones                 Grasscutting                            £1570.00         Paid out of meeting

TT Services                Clearing Ditch                         £200.00

Pestakers                    Mole & Rat control                  £135.00

Playsafety                   Inspection                                £159.60

R A Pearson               Paint for railings                     £36.88

BT                               Payphone                                £1.00




5. Correspondence:

Payphone adoption contract – BT have accepted our offer to adopt the phone box which is to be used for a second defibrillator, we now have to sign a contract which will make the Parish Council responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the box and pay a fee of £1.00. this was agreed, the contract was signed and will be sent to BT. The box will not become our responsibility until such time as BT disconnect and remove all of their equipment, after which a second defibrillator will be ordered. Mr. Newton said that the intention was to move the existing defibrillator to the outside wall of the Village Hall and that the permission of the Village Hall Committee will be sought, we also need to ascertain whether planning permission or listed building consent is required.


School – A letter has been received from Bledington School informing the Parish Council that the school had acquired funding to replace the old temporary “Elliott Buildings” with a new permanent structure, work is due to start during the autumn term. The Parish Council welcomed this news and wished the school luck in this exciting project.


Safety inspection on playgrounds – Mr. Newton reported that “Playsafety” had carried out the safety inspections of the Play equipment in the play area and on the Village Green, in the main this was satisfactory. The items requiring attention are the re-tensioning of the zip wire, replacement of the basketball net and the re-location of the litter bin away from the seat on the Green, Mr. Newton and Mr. Tyack will deal with these and CDC will be asked to re-locate the litter bin. There was also some concern that the “Logs” in the play area were suffering from decay, the possibility of replacement will be investigated.


Planning application no 16/0467/FUL for demolition of existing barn and erection of holiday let, The Old Barn, Pebbly Hill Farm Bledington.

There were no adverse comments from neighbours, this was discussed and there were no comments from Councillors. It was noted that the elevations were wrongly annotated and this will be commented upon.

Planning application no 17/01573/FUL to reduce the width and depth of new dwelling at The Bungalow, Main street, Bledington.

There were no adverse comments and the Parish Council will support this application.



7. Adjournment for questions from the Public:

It was asked when the new street lights would be installed, Mr. Newton replied that not all existing lights could be converted and where that is the case the County Council will be installing new lamp posts in due course.

A resident informed the Parish Council that 7 New Road has fenced the building plot differently from the plans as permitted, Mr. Newton said that the Parish Council has no powers in this matter and residents should contact the CDC Planning Department.


8. Any other Business:

Mr. Ball asked if a small team of volunteers could be found to maintain the phone box once it is adopted. It was felt that this would be a good idea and this will be pursued at the appropriate time.

Mr. Jackson asked if we could organise a working party to complete the work on the brook, all agreed and it was decided to arrange one for Saturday 16th September at 11am. Mr. Ball will prepare a poster and Mr. Jackson will arrange a village wide e-mail.

Mr. Jackson reported that our entry for the Channel 4 village of the year had been unsuccessful on this occasion, the Council thanked him for his efforts.

Mr. Tyack commented that the litter bin in the play area needs emptying, Mr. Newton replied that he had reported this to CDC for the second time in a month.

Mr. Newton informed the meeting that there were a number of the trees around the village which needed some trimming to allow for the passage of vehicles etc. it was decided to obtain a quote from Mr. W Pearson to be presented at the October meeting.

Mr. Newton reported that Mr. Pearson had met with Mr. Hoare who will be carrying out repairs to the verges and Village Green following work at Manor Farm. Prior to the repairs to the Green Mr. Hoare will speak to Mr. Skillern (Glos Highways) to ensure that the work is coordinated with the replacement of the granite sets.

Mr. Newton reported that many people were unhappy with the way that the road resurfacing was carried out. Also, the unacceptable delay installing the “School Safety Zone”. With this in mind we should invite County Councillor Nigel Moore to our October meeting, this was agreed.


Meeting closed at 8.55pm.

Date and Time of next Meeting: 3rd October 2017