2018 Community Share Offer

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The Bledington Community Shop Share Offer is Open 27 March - 6 May

You can invest between £10 and £12,000 in Bledington Community Shop Ltd

We seek to raise at least £50,000 to enable us to start building.. (As of 23 April, we are 3/4 of the way there with £34,000 raised).  Please make sure you do not miss the 6 May deadline.  Get your applications in as soona s possible.

The share scheme is a tax efficient SEIS scheme where you can get back 50% of your investment from the tax man. 

For more information:

Download the Share Prospectus & Application Form Here 

Bledington Community Shop SEIS Share Prospectus & Application 2018 Tax Efficient

Download the Business Plan Here

Bledington Community Shop Business Plan 2018

If you have any questions:  

(1) come to one of the share clinics
(2) Ask any member of the management committee
(3) email bledingtonshop@gmail.com

WIth your support we will open our Community Shop and Cafe by Christmas!

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