April 2017 Update the Bledington Shop

It has been a quiet month on the outside, but within the Shop Group much work has been taking place.  We are actively pursuing a wide variety of funding opportunities – researching and applying to grant agencies, approaching trusts, working on some social investment opportunities.  We are delighted to welcome 20 new members to Bledington Community Shop Ltd and Camilla Bowditch to the management committee.

Group has been working on a revised plan for the building itself.  We were disappointed to confirm this month that it is likely to cost us about £120,000 to complete foundations; install services, utilities and drainage; and do external landscaping - eg, vehicle and pedestrian access, paving, etc. - whatever building we put up.  This is largely a consequence of having a green-field site and meeting planning and environmental requirements.  On the positive side the current estimate for the revised building design is around half that of the original one.  We will present the new plans as soon as practicable.

What’s next?  Please see Penelope Leather’s poster and explanation in Bledington News for the 25x£100 challenge, turning £100 into £5000 by the end of May.  AND DO JOIN IN!

Ways to use the Bledington Shop number 17:  share some recipe ideas for seasonal vegetables.