December/January Update from the Bledington Shop Group

After 300 cakes, sandwiches, soup and muffins, and 3000 mugs of tea and coffee, we made an astonishing £13,225 from serving teas at Chastleton this season.  Many, many thanks to the 35+ volunteers who baked, prepared, served and washed up. We now have a much better idea what the new Bledington Shop Café will feel like and how to run it successfully and profitably. Louise is now looking for volunteers who might take the lead on running their own days, as everyone did so successfully in October.  Please call Louise on 658 464 to discuss.

Calling all gardeners - after last month’s AGM a gardening team for the site has been set up and money allocated.  Plans are not only to keep the site tidy, but also to plant flowerbeds and begin to make the site look like it is anticipating the community shop and cafe.  Sophie Pringle is co-ordinating the gardening efforts.  If you would like to help, please get in touch with Sophie directly.The Shop Group is now working very hard in two directions.  A fundraising sub-group has formed to pursue vigorously all potential grant-giving agencies.  This includes our applications to The Princes Trust and The Big Potenital, amongst others.  At the same time the building sub-group is refining ideas for a simpler, less costly starter shop.  This will help us get our shop and café opened and running sooner. 

 Best wishes for a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.