July 2018 Update from the Bledington Community Shop Group

What a difference it has made knowing we have raised the funds to achieve our Community Shop and Café!  The management committee is re-invigorated and we had some excellent discussions with visitors to the Community Shop stand at the village fete, as well as questions from villagers through our bledington.com website. 

Much of the time this month was taken up with the tender process to find a builder.  Tenders were sent out to seven builders, all who have experience with the kind of building we will be constructing.  Tenders were received back mid-month and the building group of the management committee is actively evaluating these.  We will, of course, announce the preferred builder when evaluations and negotiations are complete.  At that time we will also have a sense of when construction can begin.

The community shop visit:  On June 20 Penelope took a party of villagers to the Ilmington Community Shop, which has been open for about 4 years.  If you attended the launch of the share scheme you will recall the short video about this delightful shop and the talk by their chairman, Tim Allen.  Ilmington has created the kind of shop that we wish to have too.  The visitors were thrilled …..

Fundraising continues:  So far this spring we have raised approximately £1200 from selling cakes, teas and snacks at Chastleton and these efforts continue - July 12 is our next date.  Chastleton has begun selling ice creams in their gift shop, which has meant fewer visitors come to the church for tea and less money raised.  We await the answer in July from two outstanding grant applications: Awards for All and the Prince’s Countryside Fund.  The application for a grant from EU LEADER will be submitted after the building quotes have been evaluated.

Stay involved:  We are planning to continue to attend Rendezvous and to have some events to keep everyone up to date with progress on creating the shop.  Look out for these. 



Ways to use the Bledington Shop number 18:  go shopping with your child or grandchild and teach them how to add up a shopping list.