The Robustness of the Bledington Community Shop Building Plan

We have prepared a business plan with detailed financial information and reasoning behind our sales forecasts. The plan has been extensively reviewed, including by the community shop experts at Plunkett.  It can be found here or by asking one of the management committee.

All the evidence shows that it will be not just robust but also profitable. A community shop is different from a privately owned village shop:

  1. Sales are likely to be higher because the shop’s customers – us – will own and run the business.
  2. Costs will be lower. The shop will have no rent, rates, or mortgage payments, and will not have to provide a living for its owner.
  3. This is more than another shop and café. This is a friendly heart for the village.  Every time you go in you meet people you know and you are a part-owner of the enterprise.

You see the latest 2018 approved business plan here

Thank you