This summer we are aiming to reach the local goal of £100,000 to start building the shop this autumn.  With this money we should be able to open the shop next year.  Please pledge generously.

Please speak to any member of the shop committtee for more informaiton.  01608 658 464






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The Final Fundraising

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As you may well know, it’s been 8 years since the old shop closed. Now the new Bledington Shop and Café is close to opening.

A reminder of what we have achieved so far:

  • We have bought the site at Middle Orchard
  • We have got planning permission
  • We have signed up over 200 residents as owners of the shop
  • We have completed the designs and layouts
  • We have produced a robust business plan
  • We have set up a charity
  • We have HMRC clearance for gift aid
  • And we have approached nearly 180 trusts and charities.

As a community, we have raised over £80,000 from donations and events.  And, after buying the land and planning, there is still a substantial amount left in the bank.

Now we are ready for the final stage of fund raising.

During June and July we are looking to raise £100,000, the final amount from the village. A significant proportion of this has already been pledged.  This will be more than matched by the trusts we have approached.

With this money you will see us start construction of the shop before the end of this year.

So, please be generous.  

Then, with your help, we will finally have a new shop, a new café and a new hub to the village.  

It will be owned by the village, run by the village and all profits will be reinvested in the village.   It’s an exciting future for Bledington.