We are working to open a Community Shop and Cafe - a new hub for our community in Bledington. This is to replace the village shop which closed in 2006.  This will serve the villages of Bledington, Icomb, Wescote, Oddington, Foscot, Foxholes and Bould.

Our community shop will be a new centre for the village. A place for everyone to get involved - whether by working, shopping, meeting, volunteering, using the internet or gaining work experience.  It will be an essential lifeline for many - especially our older neighbours.

So far we have raised over £100,000, purchased the site, designed the building, been awarded planning permission and begun to prepare the site.  We need an additional £140,000 to complete the build.  Our fund raising continues.  

More than 250 residents are members of the Shop Group and owners of shares in the Bledington Community Shop. Please join us. It costs just £1.00.  As a member you will be a part-owner of the shop and will have a say in how the shop will run.

Contact any of the management committee for more information, or if you wish to be involved either via the website, see us on facebook or via shop@bledington.com

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