We have just completed our community share offer.  This raised nearly £74,000 to add to the funds we already have in the bank. Most residents in Bledington are now shareholders of our community shop and cafe.  This is being built by our community for our community. 

We are now starting on the construction stage of the project. 

Bledington Community Shop and Café will be sited within a new timber clad building, in the heart of the village, in Middle Orchard. It is owned by villagers and will be run as a cooperative for the benefit of the community.

Our new shop is within 5 minutes walking distance for most of us. The shop will not only provide daily essentials and attractive local products, but also a bright café with high quality coffee, pastries, hot soup, and sandwiches. Imagine, grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, stopping for a chat, and buying a few essentials. It will be a new heart to our village.

We have had backing from a number of trusts and grant making bodies including Summerfield Trust, Plunkett Foundation, Big Potential, a Big Lottery Fund grant programme managed by Social Investment Business, Susanna Peake Charitable Trust and Charlotte Heber-Percy Charitable Trust.

Contact any of the management committee for more information, or if you wish to be involved either via the website, see us on facebook or via shop@bledington.com.   Please Sign Up to Our Mailing List Today  

Two Weeks To Go And We Are Two-Thirds Of The Way There

We have been really encouraged by your positive response to the share offer. As of today we have over £34,000 towards our £50,000 minimum target. This is well ahead of what we expected.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part and shared their advice on how we can make both the share offer and the shop a success. This really is a shop by our community for our community.

February 2018 Update from the Bledington Community Shop Group

Closing the Gap

The gap between what we have and what we need to build our new Community Shop and Café continues to shrink.  The first few days of 2018 have already seen two generous donations, one from a resident and the second from a corporate, that raise our total funds to over £150,000, leaving less than £50,000 to be secured before we can begin construction.

2018 Community Share Offer - Results

The Bledington Community Shop Share Offer is now closed.

Over 6 weeks we raised a total of just under £74,000.  And 128 people participated. 

This is a huge success for Bledington, Foscot and Foxholes and means we can move on to the construction phase of the project.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support.  

July 2018 Update from the Bledington Community Shop Group

What a difference it has made knowing we have raised the funds to achieve our Community Shop and Café!  The management committee is re-invigorated and we had some excellent discussions with visitors to the Community Shop stand at the village fete, as well as questions from villagers through our bledington.com website. 

June 2018 Update from Bledington Community Shop

Hello Everyone

 As our Community Share Offer gathered momentum, there were two exciting moments.  The first was when the amount subscribed exceeded the minimum target of £50,000. The second was after the offer closed and we realised how much had been raised—an amazing total of - £73,785 subscribed by 128 people!

The Share Offer Results - We have reached our goal

The Share Offer is now complete - and we have reached our goal.

Over the last 6 weeks, so many of you have contributed, shared, helped and donated that we have raised just under £74,000 from the share offer.  This is made up of 128 individual subscriptions to the share scheme - a tremendous result.  In addition, we have received money from other charitable donations.  This result is better than we expected and means we are now ready to move into our next - exciting - construction phase of the project. 

Just 10 Days to Go....

This has been a busy week with many more cheques and completed forms coming in. Thank you everyone who has subscribed so generously.

To update you on the numbers:

• A total of £47,850 has been subscribed 
• Investments range from £10 to £10,000 
• One house in six has contributed 
• 1/3 have contributed £10 - £100; 
• 1/3 £100 - £1,000 and 
• 1/3 £1,000 - £10,000 
• Nearly every part of Bledington has participated


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