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We have just completed our community share offer.  This raised nearly £74,000 to add to the funds we already have in the bank. Most residents in Bledington are now shareholders of our community shop and cafe.  This is being built by our community for our community. 

We are now starting on the construction stage of the project. 

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Bledington Parish Council

Commons Groups: Group contributor count and topics

The Bledington Parish Council is made up of seven Councillors all of whom are unpaid volunteers and one Clerk who receives a modest salary. Councillors are usually nominated from within the Parish, anyone over the age of eighteen on the electoral roll with a clean criminal record is eligible to stand. Councillors serve for a term of four years after which a new Council will be elected, current Councillors can stand for re-election if they so wish. The present Parish Council will be due for re-election in 2019. If more than seven people stand then a formal election is required.