Can You Get Free Money From Your Employer?

Do you work for one of the companies listed below?

If so, then they operate a Fund Match scheme.  This means you can get money from them to match money that  we raise for the shop.

Companies like match funding because it proves they support their employees and get involved in community activities.  And it makes their employees look good.

Please ask your HR department if your company runs a similar scheme.  There are many more employers not on this list.

The Bledington Shop Celebrity Cook Book - Only £5.00

If you’re looking for the perfect present for the person with everything, we have the answer….. our very own Bledington Shop Recipe Book.

When we were serving tea and cakes at Chastleton this summer, people kept asking us for the recipes.  So we put together a little booklet of ‘Most Asked For Recipes’ with the help of a few friends, and friends of friends.  And here is the result.

It has contributions from stars of the stage and screen.

Bledington Shop and Café

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We are getting close to opening a Community Shop and Cafe - a new hub for our community in Bledington. This is to replace the village shop which closed in 2006.  This will serve the villages of Bledington, Icomb, Wescote, Oddington, Foscot, Foxholes and Bould.

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